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The return of Young Stars Classic couldn’t get much better.

Penticton is full of hockey fans, the arena looks amazing, and the Vancouver Canucks took over the business on day one with a 3-0 victory over the Calgary Flames.

Let’s dive into three quick bites of Friday night fun.

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The streets knew about Silov

There is a lot of hope that the 21-year-old Latvian striker will take a big step in his development this season. Arturs Silovs have dealt with a difficult few years. He has barely played during a COVID year and was in trouble last year with Abbotsford as the third goalkeeper to eventually finish his year in ECHL.

The kid just wants to play, and he did so on Friday night.

“I have been training a lot for the past two years and finally [being] “Replaying is always fun,” said Sellovs. “You feel good. You’ve worked hard basically every day. You’re on the wave and you keep moving forward.”

Sellovs definitely rode the wave on Friday night as he was busy for the first 30 minutes of the game. He faced a lot of shots from the slots area, but he stood tall and managed to maintain a 0-0 tie before the third half.

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The second 30 minutes of the game were too slow for Sellovs. He faced only four shots in the third period as the Canucks lunged on attack and spent most of the period in the attacking area.

The Silovs are preparing to fight for a start at Abbotsford this season and starting the Young Stars Championship on lockdown will surely be a confidence-booster before facing NHL shots at Canucks main camp in Whistler next weekend.

All in all, we had a great goalkeeper match with Dustin Wolf who was patrolling the crease of flame, but Sellovs came out on top. The extra work he’s been doing with Ian Clark this off season is starting to show early payoff.

Let’s hope he can ride that wave all the way into the AHL season.

Arch from Sari

Even when the game was goalless after 40 minutes, a strong argument could be made that local kid Archdeep Baynes was the best player on the ice.

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“Very special,” Baines said when asked how it felt to score in his first game in a Canucks jersey. “I guess just a little relief. I got it all the way and [now] we [can] Just keep getting better every day.”

In the presence of his parents, the Sarri-born winger scored the opening goal of the match on the night he wore his favorite team’s shirt.

The feeling on the rink was pure.

Baines has been crushing every game for a long time – making good, clever plays in both offensive and defensive areas. Then, with no goals still scored, Baines drove into the net and cleaned up a rebound from Chase Waters’ shot.

From there, the Canucks Believers took over the management of the South Okanagan Event Center. The crowd erupted and eventually sang to the hymn “Bruce, there he is.”

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The Canucks needed to hack on Wolf and there was something special about Bains being the guy who was able to solve the Flames’ best prospect. He worked hard in the game and was rewarded for his efforts. While the media became available after the game, Bains was quiet and focused on getting better as the weekend went on.

He enjoyed playing a real game at full speed, full connectivity and an arena full of fans.

“When you play with a different team, it’s a faster pace. It’s more competitive,” Baines said. “And I think the next level, in general, is competitive and faster. So, getting out there and getting used to it – it’s great. And I felt very good there.”

One thing we learned about Bains at the time Canucks signed up as an unlisted WHLer is that his work ethic is what got him to this level. The kid works very hard in practice and finds another level in game time. His line, which had Chase Waters and Linus Carlson as a trio interviewer, had plenty of long shifts in the attacking area and managed to weaken the opponent as the night went on.

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This streak was great together and could end up being a trio that could stick together once the AHL season gets underway. We loved their playing in the defensive zone and that’s what they’ll need to succeed at Abbotsford. It was a solid showing for Bains and he obviously loved scoring a goal for the team he grew up loving.

Colliton gathers crucial advice about Canucks coming to camp

On top of having plenty of new faces in blue and green, the Canucks’ new AHL coach, Jeremy Coleton, was off the bench for the first time.

Replacing Trent Cole as head coach of the AHL, Colliton had a lot to get him out of Friday night’s game.

Little Stars is as much a show as it is a championship. You want to win the games, of course, but it’s more about knowing what these potential customers can do and using the knowledge you gain to evaluate the next steps for these young players. Colliton commented on the balance of winning and teaching this weekend.

“We’re trying to do both,” Coleton said. “If this match was going to be 6-1 either way, we wouldn’t get much of it. So we’re playing to win. It’s the little things that matter. The little things will help you play at a higher level. You have to do them now, you can’t just overturn Key. So we take it like we do everything we can to win and the little things matter. And obviously there might be more ropes for these guys and they’re going to make mistakes but we give them feedback and send them back in there. But in the end, we try to win.”

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Colliton spoke about his desire to push players who played in the AHL last season to be leaders and we saw that when the Canucks went 2-0 up on a goal from Tristen’dogNielsen.

The Canucks need to have players like Nielsen in their organization to push their fellow young players and lead by example – like a group of sled dogs working together to rally together and improve together. This mindset is why Director of Player Development Rian Johnson has brought in players like Chase Waters, Niels Umann, Archdeep Baynes and big dog Tristen Nielsen.

These players aren’t some of the best potential players but they are good, young players who are hungry for a professional hockey career and make things interesting for the AHL team.

Colliton will have a smaller pool than we’ve seen in the past with a small league subsidiary of Canucks. The new coach will need to squeeze everything out of these young players to succeed. Just like raising a puppy, it will take a strong balance of discipline and timely reward to succeed.

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It was a great night to start what could become a great weekend. The Canucks juniors have passed their first test and will now be riding the weekend with momentum.

Saturday is a day off for the Canucks as their next match will be on Sunday at 2:00 pm against the star-studded Jets’ Young Stars with first-round teams Brad Lambert (2022), Chaz Lucius (2021) and Cole Perfetti (2020).

The Kanucks family will have practice on Saturday morning, and Daniela Klimovic is expected to speak to the media with Arthurs Siloves at his side to help with translation.

stay tuned Army Canucks For all the news and notes from the Young Stars Championship.