5 questions for Conor McDavid for the 2022-23 season

One of the things I’ve talked about on the site countless times at this point is how lucky we are to watch Conor McDavid play hockey on a regular basis, something worth repeating again as we approach the 2022-23 NHL season. The dude is Michelangelo – an artist, not a turtle – in the land of stick figures, and I really look forward to watching him work for another season and blow our minds multiple times over the course of 82 games. And since we know how good Connor is and how he can change games in a jiffy, I’ve been thinking what kind of magic he’ll be able to bring to life this year. Here are five questions I have for next season and I’d like to know your thoughts.

1. How fast will he reach two base points in the same season?

Seeing Conor McDavid sitting at 697 career points (239G, 458A) before the season starts, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to assume our captain will hit 700 and 800 points in a single season, and if that doesn’t amaze you, I don’t know what sport you’ve been following. I know we’ve been spoiled for the past seven years, but we haven’t yet seen McDavid cut two separate marks for the century in a matter of months, and the chance to do so sets the table for another random accomplishment that I’ll go for enjoying as much as it gets. How fast is that next 100-point jump – something we haven’t seen in years before Connor got here and now and is just an annual thing we expect from him – because he always finds a way to beat what he did last time? Place your bet.

2. Can he score 50 goals?

In 2021-22, Conor McDavid put his best foot forward in both goals (44) and shots on target (315) as he continues to improve his AI and make the NHL look like a developing league. In 2017, 2018 and 2018-19, McDavid had two consecutive seasons scoring 41 goals and it seemed like we were just scratching the surface of what he could do to fill in the net. Then, as we all know, the “thing” happened and we lost the better part of two NHL seasons, limiting his overall sprint and runway for goal totals. Last year McDavid shot more than ever and hit a new career high with 44 goals, and while that approach didn’t quite limit him to the elusive 50-goal mark, I think we could have pulled off a bit of luck. from getting there. If anything, Connor has learned to be a little more selfish as his career has gone on and I think the increased desire to shoot the ball over the pass would inevitably lead to a season 50 goals if not the Rocket Richard award. Obviously, I base it on hoping to drink my Kool-Aid, but is anyone betting against me? I doubt it. Whether Connor scores 50 goals this year or the next or the next, I totally believe he’s got at least one of them and I’d be willing to throw some nickels at him doing it sooner rather than later.

3. Would you bet on him for the Hart Trophy?

Speaking of betting, is there any bet that sounds easier than Conor McDavid to take back the Hart Cup? After losing the Hart and Ted Lindsey award to Auston Matthews despite delivering the best statistical season of his career, I suppose we’re only a few weeks away from watching Conor McDavid rip in the NHL like he’s a gift-rendering kid on Christmas morning. Although he’s never admitted it, I’d bet Gregor Ranch that McDavid’s indoor fire is burning ever since he’s basically lost his great season as something to do at this point. That doesn’t take anything away from Matthews – the guy went into a fireplace of all the geysers – but let’s not make the mistake of forgetting that this is Matthews’ world and we’re all just here for the ride.

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4. Does he have enough talent around him?

Although I am 2,000% comfortable with the way the team of attackers and goalkeepers are looking at the moment, I still have questions about how the defense will hold up against the best teams in the league which is why my fourth question at McDavid is whether he has enough talent or not. no. Turn it around to turn the Oilers into real competitors. Having said that, these are my own concerns, and only time will tell how Ken Holland’s latest collection will compare to its peers. In other words, if we’re going to take on the Colorado Avalanche in a seven-game series starting tomorrow, have we done enough to change the story? Does McDavid finally have the tools and weapons deep enough in the menu to better interfere or prevent targets from competing? My expectation is that depth in this team is going to be a big story again this year for better or worse, and what I don’t know is if we have enough to build on what started a few months ago in the playoffs. Expectations are high and the wait isn’t long before we find out how the boys will handle the pressure.

5. How will we be impressed this year?

One of my favorite things about having Conor McDavid on my favorite team is that I never know when or how my brain will explode from the back of my skull next. Whether it’s a coast-to-coast dash, getting stuck in a phone booth, scoring from an impossible angle, or finding a teammate with the perfect pass when we didn’t even know he was there, Conor McDavid always finds a way to surprise us and I would expect nothing less from the 2022 campaign. -23. The main question here is how will he do it this time? How is Conor McDavid going to pull us out of our seats and turn the NHL upside down? What kind of magic will he have over the next eight or nine months that cement his name in NHL history as one of the best players ever? Although we don’t know the answers yet, I can’t wait to find out.

MacDavid’s career so far

season Team league GP J a points PIME +/- PGP J a points PIME
2015-16 Edmonton Oilers NHL 45 16 32 48 18 -1
2016-17 Edmonton Oilers NHL 82 30 70 100 26 27 13 5 4 9 2
2017-18 Edmonton Oilers NHL 82 41 67 108 26 20
2018-19 Edmonton Oilers NHL 78 41 75 116 20 3
2019-20 Edmonton Oilers NHL 64 34 63 97 28 -6 4 5 4 9 2
2020-21 Edmonton Oilers NHL 56 33 72 105 20 21 4 1 3 4 0
2021-22 Edmonton Oilers NHL 80 44 79 123 45 28 16 10 23 33 10

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