5 titles shown at Tokyo Game Show 2022 which have been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass

Tokyo Game Show 2022 was too huge for Xbox Game Pass, as several titles for the subscription service were revealed.

with Microsoft Acquisition of many studios And with some of the best gaming franchises in the world, they’ll all be bundled with Xbox Game Pass. The publisher will add multiple first day titles and fan favorite titles to the service.

Gamers can expect action titles, adventure games, RPGs, and more on Xbox Game Pass over the next several months – Tokyo Game Show Much of it confirmed.

5 games from Tokyo Games Show set for Xbox Game Pass

1) Guilty Gear Jahid

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Guilty Gear Strive has sold over 1 million units as of August 2022 and is considered one of the most competitive fighting games out there. The title was a rebuilding of the franchise, with many revamped mechanics and features. It was originally released in June 2021, but will finally make its way to Xbox consoles.

Strive was originally a PlayStation and Windows exclusive title. The release date for the seventh mainline entry for Guilty Gear on Xbox has yet to be confirmed, though it does have a launch window in Q2 2023 for Xbox Game Pass.

2) Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is one of the titles that players can get right now. It was published shortly after it was announced that it will be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Users of the service can experience the 2018 game that changed the way Assassin’s Creed is played. The film is set in a mythical story in ancient Greece, where players are tasked with reuniting their families and stopping the worship of Cosmos.

They will face the likes of Medusa and the Minotaur in this epic adventure that includes many RPG elements never seen before in the franchise. with Mirage recently announcedThis is the perfect opportunity for players to pursue the franchise or improve their killing skills.

3) Deathloop

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Deathloop was created by the studio behind the Dishonored series. In the game, players take on the role of Colt, who must shoot eight specific targets before midnight or before he dies by himself, otherwise he will return to the start. There is also a multiplayer component where the player can be tasked with keeping the ring and stopping the Colt.

It won Best Game Direction and Best Art Direction at The Game Awards 2021 and was released as a PC and PS5 exclusive. Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox Series X consoles | S. Via Xbox Game Pass On September 20, 2022.

4) The Ioden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes

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Two titles were revealed at the Tokyo Game Show that will be shown on Xbox Game Pass on the first day. The first is Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, a JRPG set in the Allraan universe and arriving in 2023.

Players will encounter humans, monsters, elves, and more as they try to survive the war. It was the #1 funded Kickstarter game of 2020 and will finally be available to players with immediate availability for those who sign up for Xbox Game Pass.

5) Wu Long: The Fallen Family

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Wu Long: Fallen Dynasty It will be released in early 2023. Players can now experience the demo on the console of their choice and then Game Pass users can get the full version as soon as it is launched. The title sees players controlling an unknown soldier in a fictional re-creation of the later Han Dynasty.

Sword and battle tactics will be how the protagonist will defeat many deadly creatures and enemy soldiers. The player character will go from being nobody to a hero who is welcomed throughout the region.