A new development in the simulation genre

The simulation game genre is very popular, with titles like Stardu Valleysave tombs and Pregnancy worship He is currently leading the group. The team at MassHive Media wanted to join in the fun, but in their own unique way. Gone are the days of grabbing grandpa’s farm and the many hours of plowing the soil and harvesting crops. dose permit It aims to put a new spin on the story of the classic sim game.

dose permit It will have players taking on the role of a Moonbury alchemist to collect ingredients, diagnose, find cures, create potions, care for residents, and more. Before the game’s release on September 22nd, CGMagazine didn’t only get a chance to review dose permitbut we sat down with Creative Director at MassHive Media, Andika Pradana, to talk a little bit about the inspiration behind it, and what they’re hoping for with the latest simulation title.

CGMagazine: Where did the team find inspiration for the story?

Andika Pradana: All of our team members are avid players, especially towards them Simulation types. Our first inspiration came from cemetery guardwhich contains an interesting story and gameplay mechanics.

exactly like cemetery guard We wanted to highlight a real function in the upcoming simulation game, so we created it dose permit—A story about a chemical scientist as the main hero who dwells on the mysterious epidemic that occurred inside a secluded island in 2018.

CG Magazine: dose permit Shared with us asstardo-esque”, why choose to make the game the same style?

Andika Pradana: We really love pixel art games Such as Stardu Valley Because it is one of those special games that we grew up playing during our childhood. We wanted to make a game based on the genre we love and a visual style that meant a lot to us as kids.

CG Magazine: What defines dose permit Apart from the others Stardu Valley-Such as Toys?

Andika Pradana: Well, there is no cultivation in dose permit. The routine of players tending their gardens and farms has been replaced by treating sick villagers across town. Regardless of the game mechanics, dose permit It also provides a different type of objective and a unique story that we don’t want to spoil here.

Potion Permission: Evolution in the Simulation genre

CG Magazine: What were some of the challenges behind developing dose permit?

Andika Pradana: Adjusting the narrative to match the mechanics of the game has been one of the hardest things we’ve encountered so far. We’ve gone back and forth on some tweaks to ensure all elements of the game fit together.

CGMagazine: Gathering by foraging and fighting seems to be important in play. What do other game elements do dose permit focus on?

Andika Pradana: One of the focus points of the game is the patient’s diagnosis and treatment. We wanted to enhance the players experience as a chemist diagnosing patients, finding their cures, and treating them until they are cured.

CGMagazine: How much to customize dose permit Allow, whether it is the character, your home, or the style of play?

Andika Pradana: Each potion in the game can be created by mixing and matching a variety of ingredients. Players can write their own personalized and custom potion recipe in any way they want, making this potion creation process more beneficial to the individual.

Potion Permission: Evolution in Simulation Type 6

CG Magazine: What is the most important thing Massive Media Wanted to get right during game creation?

Andika Pradana: Internally, we wanted to prove to ourselves that we can develop our own simulation game but with our own personal development. Externally, we wanted players to experience what it feels like to be the greatest alchemist on the island.

CG Magazine: Just for fun, what’s your favorite part dose permit?

Andika Pradana: Personally, I say the patient diagnosis part. Playing the Doctor was one of those fantasy games I played with my boyfriend growing up. To be able to sum up that meaningful memory in dose permit It is a very important achievement in my career.