All nine CFL teams are ranked based on the number of injuries they’ve sustained this season

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Injuries can greatly affect the success (or lack thereof) that CFL teams are able to achieve over the course of the regular season.

Below is the number of ‘man lost’ matches for each team this year in their 14 working weeks. Since not every team played the same number of matches, these totals were averaged on a per-match basis.

It should also be noted that teams sometimes carry healthy players on the injured list in a single match. This practice is allowed because players earnings are still applied to the maximum salary while they are on the injured list in a single match, negating any potential competitive advantage.

The numbers below do not include players who are listed injured in a single match as health scrapes – only those who have already been injured.

Here’s how all nine CFL teams have stacked up in terms of injuries so far with only seven weeks left in the regular season.

Photo Courtesy: Dominick Gravel/Montreal Alouettes

Montreal Alois – lost 69 games (5.8 per game).

The Alouettes have been the least injured team in the league this season, though losing a two-time CFL All-Star to back William Stanback early to a broken ankle was a major blow to the attack. Former All-Star linebacker Greg Reed and 2022 CFL Draft first overall Tyrell Richards were two other notable losses who missed 17 games with knee injuries.

BC Lions – lost 90 men’s matches (8.2 per game)

Although they sustained relatively few injuries overall, the Lions suffered a devastating injury as the first winner of the MOP Championship Nathan Rourke was forced to undergo foot surgery last month. Defensive intervention Stephen Richardson has missed the entire year so far due to the injury he picked up in the off-season, while Brian Burnham and full-back Bo Lucombo missed month-long spells as well.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers – lost 122 man matches (9.4 per game)

A number of key players have missed extended spells at Bumberland this year, including receiver Greg Ellingson, forward Michael Couture, linebacker Keri Wilson and defensive back Brandon Alexander. One of the club’s biggest blows came when powerhouse full back Mercy Maston suffered an Achilles tendon injury at a training camp for the second year in a row.

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Hamilton Tiger Cats – lost 117 men’s games (9.8 per game).

The Ticats have lost a number of key Canadian attacking men for long stretches this season, with Chris Van Zyl, Kyle Saxlade and Alex Fontana ending up on their injured six-game list. The team also recently had to deal with injuries at center back as Dane Evans was limited with a shoulder injury and Matthew Shiltz was added to the six-game slate for injury due to a wrist issue.

Ottawa Redblacks – lost 138 games per player (11.5 per game)

Jeremiah Masoli played only four games before suffering what was likely a shin injury at the end of the season with a sloppy kick from defensive tackle Garrett Marino. Kwako Boateng’s free take of an agent was unsuitable for the squad after picking up a season-ending injury early in training camp, while defensive back Justin Howell missed seven games due to a range of illnesses.

Calgary Stampeders – lost 151 games (12.6 per game).

Calgary’s biggest loss of the year came when frontier cornerback Trey Roberson underwent knee surgery at the end of the season, though the club suffered a number of other major injuries as well. Also missing out on time are receiver Galen Philpott, offensive lineman Sean McQueen, linebacker Jamir Thurman, linebacker Titus Wall and linebacker Branden Dozier.

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Edmonton Alex – lost 170 games (13.1 per game).

Edmonton’s roster has been a revolving door all season in part due to the number of injuries they’ve had. Canadian midfielder Trey Ford has missed eight games with a shoulder injury, while James Wilder Jr., receiver Kenny Lawler, linebacker Jake Sirisna, linebacker Trey Watson and linebacker Aaron Grace have also missed a number of games.

Saskatchewan Roughriders – lost 175 man matches (13.5 per game)

Stomach flu destroyed the knights Last weekend, though, they had a lot of injuries all season. Former CFL quarterback Dan Clarke suffered a broken leg in Week 2, while regressing from Jamal Morrow, wide receiver Chuck Evans and Kieran Moore, defensive end Anthony Lanier second, defensive end Leonard, and midfielder Micah Titz , they lost all the time. like that.

Toronto Argonauts – lost 178 games (14.8 per game).

No team has faced more injuries in the Premier League this season than the boatmen who have been without a number of key players for long periods of the year. Andrew Harris, receiver Eric Rogers, offensive lineman Peter Nicastro, linebacker Jaggard Davis and defensive linebacker Shaquille Richardson all lost time, along with offensive tackles Trayvon Tate and Isaiah Cage.