Apple patches zero-day vulnerabilities – even in all-new iOS 16 – Naked Security

We have been waiting for iOS 16, due to the recent Apple event in which the iPhone 14 and the upgraded hardware products were released to the public.

This morning, we made a file Settings > general > system updatejust in case…

…but nothing appeared.

But shortly before 8pm UK time [2022-09-12T18:31Z]a plethora of update notifications dropped in our inbox, announcing a strange mix of new and updated Apple products.

We even tried before reading the flyers Settings > general > system update Once again, this time we were offered an upgrade to iOS 15.7with an alternative upgrade that will take us straight to iOS 16:

Upgrade and upgrade available at the same time!

(We went to upgrade to iOS 16 – the download was just under 3GB, but once downloaded, the process went faster than we expected, and so far everything seems to be working fine.)