BC Lions coach ‘dismissed for no reason’ by Surrey RCMP, says this has happened to players before

A coach for the BC Lions soccer team Surrey accuses the RCMP of racial profiling, but the officer in charge of the detachment says the officers involved acted “very reasonably”.

In three tweets Sunday morning (September 11), starting at 5:23 a.m., Lions Defense Coordinator Trusted Ryan Phillips file accidentbut did not indicate where it occurred.

“I literally pulled out for no reason and when asked didn’t get an explanation. Called four police officers for a black man himself and after all this craziness I still have no explanation for why,” Phillips wrote on social media.

“I am above my knowledge of the violence that was happening in Syria. But the way the SurreyRCMP had just acted was illegal and ridiculous. When I expressed myself as a black man from states where I felt mentioned, they decided to handcuff me as if they were the victim or the threat.

“If @SurreyRCMP thinks it’s over and my voice won’t be heard, they’ll have something else coming. I’ve seen them do it to players and now to myself. It’s a complete jerk and abuse of power. Period.”

In a statement issued on Monday (September 12), Brian Edwards, Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, called Phillips’ allegations “serious” and sought to clarify police actions, “for the purpose of maintaining public confidence in the policing of Surrey, and the actions of our officers.” That’s a delicate balance but I feel is necessary in this case,” Edwards stated.

Subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act, I am limited by the details I can provide in response to this post on social media.

I’ll explain that the traffic stop was triggered by one of our officers’ observation of erratic driving behavior on several blocks. I am sure that the documents provided to the driver by the police at that time explain the reasons for the stop and any proceedings for the dispute.

“The file is well documented and based on what I have reviewed, I am satisfied that the officers acted very reasonably and adhered to the standards of the RCMP service in this interaction. They were carrying out their duties to ensure public safety in the city of Surrey. Again, I cannot provide additional details as the driver remains the right to his privacy. regarding this matter.”

Edwards went on to say that anyone who believes that the level of police service has failed is “strongly encouraged to report their concerns to us, so that they can be fully reviewed and vetted. There are several processes in place to ensure a full and transparent review. This includes independent oversight through the Civil Review and Complaints Committee of the RCMP, which is an independent agency that is not part of the RCMP.”

Phillips, born in Seattle, was a defensive linebacker with the Lions from 2005 to 2016.

Surrey is home to the Lions training facility, located in Wally.


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