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Android 13 is finally here, along with a bunch of New features and customizations Which really takes Android to the next level. If you already have Android 13 on your phone, or simply want to see what the new version of the operating system has in store, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite new features – let’s take a look!

More themed icons

With the launch of Material You back in Android 12, Google has introduced a new way of how icons look on pixels The home screen will, however, look more consistent based on your chosen color palette, although this only applies to some of the default Google app icons. With Android 13, Google has allowed app developers to enable this feature for their app icons, so your home screen will look more consistent.

To enable this, simply go to your home screen, Tap and hold > Wallpaper & Style > Themed icons, and toggle the toggle switch to use the feature. Currently, not all apps have this feature, so you may want to choose which apps will appear on your home screen to get the look of the themed icon.

search for anything

Android 13 now gives you a faster way to search for almost anything on your smartphone. From your home screen, swipe up to Open the app drawer > tap on the search bar To enter your search query. This can be anything from an app, to certain settings and options, and if the item isn’t available on your phone, it will give you an option to search online via Google or the Play Store.

Change individual app languages

There is now an option to set specific apps to a specific language, which should come in handy for users who speak multiple languages ​​and want to use specific apps in a specific language. You can access this by going to Settings>System>Language and input>App languagesthen select the specific apps you want to use in a different language.

The media player has been updated

Android 13 also introduces a new media player that displays album artwork and even a progress bar that can be viewed easily swipe down from the top of the screen, or simply waking up Your screen from standby mode. You can also interact with the progress bar by holding down and scrolling to the timestamp you want.

QR reader shortcut

Using the QR Reader is a lot easier now too – just scroll down to a file Quick Settings > Scan QR Code to display the scanner on your screen. This is much faster than the old method, which usually requires you to open the camera first to access the QR code reader.

Show active apps

If you want to know what apps are currently running on your phone, you can simply swipe down From the top of your screen, and your smartphone will give you a small tab showing active apps. There’s also a shortcut icon for the Settings app and the Power menu, which gives you instant access in case you want to open them.

New clipboard management

When we copy text on our phones, it usually stays the same on our clipboard until we paste it into whatever app we use. With Android 13, you can now edit the text you’ve copied via a popup in the lower left corner of your screen. Simply highlight your text, Copy > tap on the popup In case you want to make some changes to your text before pasting it to its final destination.

Change the lock screen clock

Android 13 also allows you to change how the clock appears on the lock screen. If you want to modify this, you can head to Settings>Display>Lock screen>Dual clock To change the appearance of the clock display on the lock screen. If you’re not in the mood for a big clock display, this should come in handy.

smart home controls

If you use your phone for a lot of smart home device controls, Android 13 now allows users to access their connected smart home device from their lock screen. simply go to Settings > Display > Lock screen > Control from locked device To access your smart home devices from your screen without fully unlocking the phone.

Change your audio output

If you use a lot of devices to listen to music, Android 13 provides a way to switch the audio output. simply go to Settings > Sound and vibration You can then view the app that is currently playing music on your device. Tapping on it will present all the devices currently connected to your phone, and from there you can choose where to play your music from.

Notification access

With Android 13, newly installed apps will now let you set notification preferences when you use them, rather than digging through many different options to tweak notification settings. Once you open the app for the first time, a quick popup will appear asking if you want to receive notifications from the app.

new easter egg

As with every version of the operating system, Android 13 comes with a new “Easter egg” animation hidden in the settings. You can view this by going to settings > About phone > Android version and tap the Android version number several times until a clock appears on your screen. If you set the hands to 1:00 PM (or 13:00 if you’re using the 24-hour format), you’ll be presented with a nice little animation sequence.

last thoughts

And there you have it – Android 13 definitely comes with a lot of great improvements for Android, and we hope these tips will help you get the most out of it. Do you know that Not all of these features may be available on every Android 13 compatible device, as different brands and manufacturers will each have their own implementation of the features.