Canada’s Gillian Robertson rallies to expand UFC record for most orders from female fighters

Canadian flyweight Robertson, Jillian (The Savage), survived an attack in the first round to introduce Maria (Demon Slayer) Ajapova of Kazakhstan for the UFC Fight Night tag on Saturday.

The 27-year-old native of Niagara Falls, Ont., who’s settled at her home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, grabbed a string of elbows to her head as she attempted to take Ajapova at the fence in the opening round. But she rallied in the second round to lock in a rear throttle that prompted referee Mark Smith to stop the bout at 2 minutes and 19 seconds into the round.

All three judges scored in the first round for Agapova, who had a 39-4 advantage in significant hits in the round, according to UFC Stats.

But Robertson stumbled Ajapova to the ground for 45 seconds in the second round and eventually brought it back and applied the throttle. Agapova, who had lost her mouth guard, appeared to pass out when the referee intervened.

“I knew she was going to come in there to try and kill me,” Robertson said. “But I knew she’d be mine in the end.”

Two other Canadians are missing on the card.

American middleweight Anthony (Flavie) Hernandez used his grappling skills to choke Marc-Andre (Power Bar) Pariolt of Gatineau, Que., in the third round on the bottom card.

Brazilian Rodrigo Nascimento (9-1-0 without a single contest) beat by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29) over Tanner (Bulldozer) Buser (20-9-1) heavyweight in Alberta.

A judge gave the first two rounds to Boser, a native of Bonnyville, Alta. , who fought outside Edmonton, while another gave him a second round. The third scored all three rounds of the Brazilian.

The main event at the UFC Apex production facility saw American Cory (Sandman) Sandhagen, who ranked fourth among the UFC bodyweight contenders, beat the No. 10 Yadong (Kung Fu Kid) Song of China on a TKO by stopping doctor after four rounds due to cut.

Song (19-7-1 with not a single contestant) suffered an unsightly wound to his left eye in the second round, severed by Sandhagen’s elbow. The ringside doctor checked the pieces after the second and third rounds but called for the match to be terminated after a subsequent check after the fourth round.

Two referees played the match even in two rounds each. It was in third place Sandhagen led three rounds to one.

“I hate that it ended this way,” Sandhagen said. “I think he deserves the fifth round.”

Sandhagen (15-4-0) had lost his last two matches to elite opponents in Peter Jan and TJ Delachau.

Robertson recovering from decision loss

Robertson (11-7-0), who rebounded from a decision loss to TJ Aldrich in July, improved to 8-5-0 in the UFC with her eight wins for third place in UFC flyweight history behind Valentina Shevchenko and Katelyn Chukajian (both at nine). Robertson’s seven finishes and six serve is the most in flyweight history in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Ajapova (10-4-0) has now lost two consecutive games and three of her last four matches.

Robertson, one of two Canadian women in the UFC, was initially scheduled to fight Melissa Gato on the card but the Brazilian withdrew due to injury, according to the UFC.

Agapova and Robertson trained together in the past but now work at different gyms.

Weighing in at 229 pounds, Bowser was giving up 32 pounds for his Brazilian rival, who had an advantage of 4.5 inches despite the fact that both men were six feet two.

While the Brazilian great landed in three out of seven finish attempts in the fight, Boser finished by 62-36 in important strokes and landed more in each of the three rounds (15-9, 32-15 and 15-12), according to UFC Stats.

Bossier injured Nascimento in the second round but was unable to finish the tour under the Brazilian.

“I can’t say anything bad about Nascimento,” Boozer said on social media after the fight. Nothing but respect for him.

“I know it was close. I think it could have gone either way but I won’t bemoan the decision. I went for a break I’ll be back soon with a fresh coat of paint.”

Barriault (14-6-0 with no competition) and Hernandez (10-2-0 with no competition) wasted little time, as they battled close to the start. Barreault grabbed Hernandez’s attention by raising his heavy right hand.

Hernandez searched for a takedown and ended up in the lead, grinding the Canadian at the fence. Barreault got back on his feet and scored with a punch and elbow. Hernandez continued his attack on the fence, taking Parreault again in the first round.

Barreault, who seemed to have preferred his ribs after the first round, found himself on the ground in the second as Hernandez continued to press. Barriolt bled several hits to the feet as the round ended.

Hernandez threw Barriot to the head in the third round before the Canadian fell asleep with a triangle-arm choke in 1:53 of the round.

Barriault went 3-2-0 with not a single competition in the UFC since losing his first three promotion games.