NASA sets goals to guide space exploration ‘from Moon to Mars’

NASA sets goals to guide space exploration ‘from Moon to Mars’

NASA is working on a blueprint to guide space exploration and infrastructure for the Moon, Mars, and destinations across our solar system. “Our overarching goal is to create a blueprint for continued human presence and exploration throughout the solar system,” NASA Deputy Director Pam Milroy said during a Power point (Opens in a new tab) … Read more

Sparkling ‘lakes’ under Mars’ south pole may be something else entirely: ScienceAlert

Sparkling ‘lakes’ under Mars’ south pole may be something else entirely: ScienceAlert

What scientists thought were lakes of liquid water hidden under the Antarctic ice cap Mars He could turn into… just an ordinary old rock. A new analysis has found that a bright radar signal that is interpreted as groundwater on the Red Planet could also be produced by geological layers. It’s not a foregone conclusion, … Read more

Reducing Greenhouse Gases and Aerosols – What Can Go Wrong?

There is good news. Globally, man-made greenhouse gases are declining, perhaps not at the rate we would like to see, but they are declining nonetheless. Now for some counterintuitive and bad news. Aerosols associated with human-made greenhouse gases are also decreasing, but reducing them is accelerating global warming. What’s up with that? some background Climate … Read more

bam! NASA spacecraft crashes into an asteroid in defense test

Monday’s target: a 525-foot-high (160 m) asteroid named Demorphos. It’s a moon of Didymos, Greek for twins, a fast-spinning asteroid five times larger than the matter that made up the smaller partner. The pair have been orbiting the sun for eons without threatening the Earth, making them ideal candidates for saving the world. Launched last … Read more

China’s Mars rover finds signs of catastrophic flooding

The radar on Zhurong can penetrate the surface to a depth of 100 meters.Credit: Xinhua/Shutterstock China’s Zhurong rover flew deep into the surface of Mars and found evidence of two major floods that may have shaped the area the robot has been exploring since its landing in May 2021. Analysis has been published in temper … Read more

Research shows that some trees warm up in warmer rainforests

Maria Whitman conducts field studies in Rwanda with colleagues from the University of Rwanda. Credit: Myriam Mejwamria The capacity of rainforests to store carbon could decrease in parallel with climate change. This is due to the rates of photosynthesis in the leaves of rainforest species falling at higher temperatures and the failure of the trees’ … Read more

NASA spacecraft hits asteroid in planetary defense test | space news

In the world’s first attempt to alter the motion of an asteroid, scientists hope this method can prevent a collision with Earth. A NASA spacecraft is set to collide with an asteroid, in an unprecedented test designed to prevent potentially devastating collisions with Earth. NASA’s Dual Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft will hit the asteroid … Read more

Rare diamonds indicate that water lurks much deeper underground than scientists thought

A rare type of diamond may indicate that water can penetrate deeper into the Earth’s interior than scientists previously thought. Although more than 70% of our planet is covered in water, there is water containing minerals more than 200 miles (322 kilometers) underground, including the upper mantle, the semi-permeable layer over which the crust “floats.” … Read more

NASA is preparing for a spacecraft to collide with an asteroid in the “Planetary Defense Test” – live | NASA

main events Show main events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature Six minutes to impact one of the most amazing NASA missions in modern history. The Dart has taken 10 months and 470m miles to get here, since its launch last year. “It’s a truly global effort,” a NASA commentator says live: … Read more

Should Christians worry about an asteroid hitting Earth?

Readers of a certain age will remember “Asteroids” – the popular arcade game that debuted in 1979 and again in 1981 with the release of the Atari 2600 home video game console. As the story goes, it was Lyle Rains, an Atari CEO, who one day walked into the office of his colleague, Ed Logg, … Read more