Cheaper Chromecast HD appears in leaked real-world images

What you need to know

  • Google will likely be preparing to launch a cheaper Chromecast next month.
  • Realistic images of the alleged Chromecast reveal its design.
  • A newly obtained code for the suspected device shows more technical information.

Over the past few weeks, new rumors have been circulating on the web suggesting that a new affordable Chromecast from the company is also preparing for launch. a recent report He also hinted that a cheaper Chromecast HD with Google TV might be around the corner in time for the fall event, and now we have what could be our first look at the device.

courtesy technologReal world images of the alleged Chromecast have now been removed. Besides the shared photos, the report also stated that they found the approval documents at the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) – which means that the launch of the device is, in fact, around the corner.