Conor McDavid studies Auston Matthews with a new goal in mind

A quick mix of things we got from hockey week, seriousness and less seriousness, and a depth of four streaks. If you thought that removing the letter “C” from my chest would prevent me from providing mediocre hockey content, you are deeply mistaken.

1. How Conor McDavid Spent Free Agency Opening was on ice in Toronto, where he started.

While Kyle Dupas was working the phones in the offices above the Maple Leafs Arena, McDavid and fellow Oilers Darnell Norse engaged in an intense semi-private hockey lesson with Adam Oates, skills coach to the stars.

Just a few weeks after qualifying by the eventual cup champion, McDavid avoided the mid-July sun in favor of a frozen fold. work to play.

For 85 minutes, McDavid received instructions and passes from Oates, and notable was the number of drills centered around the net. the shot.

He took passes on his front and back hands, then quickly fired into the net.

Slide into an open space and pull the trigger.

One timer and a snapper in the slot.

Leon Drysittel often turns to McDavid to shoot more, claiming that a 97 could score a 60 if he wanted to.

McDodd, whose career-high 44 cut last season, objects. He thinks it should start with at least 50.

We bet this is the year he does it.

while recording for 32 ideas Podcasting in Las Vegas this week, McDavid said he dedicated the off season to becoming a more serious goalscorer.

The video lesson, in particular, of Austin Matthews, was impressed not only by the scale of his friend/competitor’s goals but also Diversity Where he was pumping pucks into the net.

McDavid had the highest number of shots last season with 314, the fifth highest number of shots. (Matthews topped all, with a score of 348.) But his ridiculous total passes largely outweighed his goals.

He’s thinking to be a little more selfish in 2022-23. Network attack. Be happier. If this is the right play, of course.

“Scoring goals is the hardest thing to do in the league, so it’s a good idea to focus on it,” MacDavid told Elliot Friedman and Jeff Marek.

“She definitely could be a little more selfish.”

Listening to McDavid talk about it, it reminded me of a first pass for Sidney Crosby when he decided he wanted to hit 50 and win the Rocket Trophy. Then he did.

If McDavid was setting his mind to something, we would be foolish to suspect it.

2. I will not try to write The great Michael Farberwho, upon seeing the bank’s logo scattered on his Montreal Canadiens jacket, sighed and wrote: “The fact that this was inevitable doesn’t make it sound like sacrilege.”

We’ll get used to capitalism’s latest foray the way we did to a wall of ads choking past whiteboards around the ice.

Hey, increased advertising revenue increases the size of the pie, which can lead to an increase in the salary cap. One can understand why it happened and still feel a little hungry.

The rush to make up for lost pandemic dollars may have hastened these corporate corrections, but once the NBA made the leap, hockey followed.

“The NHL uniform is a sacred thing, and it’s an honor to wear it. Putting the corporate sponsors at the front would discredit that,” Blake Wheeler He said in 2015.

“I am in no hurry to put advertisements on our jackets,” the commissioner Gary Bateman said in time. “I think we’ve got the best jerseys in all of the sports. I love history and tradition. I like the way they look, and I’ve said over and over we won’t be the first. [in North America] It would probably bring me kicking and screaming.”

Or booing and sighing.

3. Even with young Nick Suzuki wearing the highest letter in Montreal, seven teams have a vacant “C”: Anaheim, Arizona, Buffalo, Calgary, Philadelphia, Seattle and now Winnipeg.

Being stripped of your commanding rank is tough, and I’m curious how that affects both Wheeler and the Jets.

My hunch is this won’t go as smoothly as Dustin Brown’s captaincy transition to Anzy Kopetar.

Last season ended with a tense press conference in Winnipeg. This season starts with them.

4. Zach Hyman is one of seven players who have formed a board in search of the successor to NHLPA President Donald Fehr.

He is clearly still the head of the Palestinian Authority, and will remain for a while. But I think it’s only natural that when you’ve been in a role for a long time, you want to help find the next heir,” Hyman says.

“I want someone who is looking forward and can help develop the game internationally. I mean, the world is changing a lot, and you have to have someone who is able to adapt and grow along with and work with the players to develop other aspects of the game.”

5. It is not kosher for hockey reporters to wear anything bearing the team’s logo. Neutrality and all.

So while my lineup of vintage jackets and hats hasn’t seen much action since landing this gig, I felt comfortable rocking the Team Canada jersey I got during the Sochi Olympics.

I threw this shirt straying over the summer break because it was next in the course. A stranger stopped me in the street.

“That’s a bold choice. You’re brave to wear that shirt these days,” said the man.

I looked down. I felt frustrated.

None of those players on those Olympic gold teams were involved in sexual assault cases, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

The brand is stained, and not enough has been done to clear it.

I haven’t worn the shirt since then.

“It’s sad” Nathan McKinnon to reporters Thursday. “There is no place for that.

“I don’t know all the elements of the investigation, but everything that happened was not good – that’s the main thing.”

6. Always curious to know the cost of fan experience in different markets.

a New study By breaks down and ranks ticket prices, beer, hot dogs and parking at all 32 NHL hangars.

It should come as no surprise to see the New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs at the top of the list, and the two newest clubs, Vegas and Seattle, going great.

It’s interesting to see the last two champions in the bottom third of the league. Very good buzz for your efforts in the Lightning and Avalanche games.

7. Camp opens in a few days and there are still plenty of unrestricted free agents on the board.

Some of the names: Sonny Milano, Cody Eakin, Calvin De Haan, Tyler Ennis, Anton Stralman, PK Subban, Victor Rask, Derick Brassard, Alex Galchenyuk, Kris Russell, Jay Beagle, Zach Aston-Reese, Danny DeKeyser, Jimmy Vesey, James Neal , Brian Boyle, Tyler Bozack.

Many of these players are in PTOs. Others may be waiting for pre-season injuries to seize the opportunity.

8. Toronto has not only hired new goalkeepers, it has hired a new man to direct them.

Head coach Sheldon Keefe decided the Maple Leafs would do well with a “new voice and new perspective” in the goalkeeping coach’s position.

After reviving long-serving Steve Briere (since hired by Seattle), Keefe plunged into an exhaustive search for a replacement.

He meets about 10 candidates and cuts it down to Curtis Sanford – who faces the double challenge of tucking Matt Murray and Ilya Samsonov into a groove.

“First of all, he knows the position very well. I really like his ability to communicate his expectations, and what he is trying to achieve with goalkeepers in a very clear and concise manner. He simplifies things,” explains Kefi employee.

Sanford, 42, has been instrumental in the development of young Canucks goalkeepers Thatcher Demko and Spencer Martin at Abbotsford and has become a sought-after off-season. Owen Sound’s native, Ont, was in discussion with rival teams before making a decision on foliage

AHL coaches need to adapt quickly to new players, and Sanford’s flexibility and openness have attracted Kevi.

“The only thing that was unique to him was his playing experience as well. He played in the Canadian market. He spent two years in Vancouver as a backup for Hall of Fame like Roberto Longo,” adds Keefe.

“Then there is the personal piece. He is really fit for our coaching apparatus and our organisation.”

9. Filed No Comment: EA Sports has engraved the Toronto Maple Leafs 2022-23 Virtual Stanley Cup roster.

10. Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe didn’t want to confirm or deny that assistant Spencer Carbery was in the mix for some coaching vacancies this summer (including Boston) after managing the strongest game in the league.

But Keefe is excited that, for the first time, he will be working with the same trio of bench assistants as the previous season: Carbery, Dean Chenoweth and Manny Malhotra.

“I won’t comment specifically on what may or may not happen with any of our guys, but we like to think we have really good staff and good people. As a result, there’s always the possibility that other teams will come and invite them,” Keefe said.

“We are all focused on creating opportunities for people, but at the same time there has been a constant change since the time I took office. I had to replace one or more people each season.

“We got together really well as employees. It’s the best I’ve ever felt about our staff and how we came together. And adding the additional assistant coach, I really liked the way things went for us.”

11. How’s that to think outside the cake?

KHL Coach of the Year Sergei Fedorov withdrew his goalkeeper once his club, CSKA Moscow, won the opening match of a 3v3 overtime against Neftekhimik, thus giving his group a 4v3 advantage.”

This daring maneuver paid off, as CSKA dominated possession in the enemy area like a power game, eventually hitting the first winner.

I’d love to see an NHL coach try this strategy.

12. When Nazim Qadri signed with the Calgary Flames, he wrote one last text in the Colorado Avalanche’s chat saying he loves his former teammates.

But Nathan McKinnon smiled while registration 32 ideasKadri made sure to warn his fellow heroes before logging out.

“I don’t give any deals on ice.”

Then he left the chat.