Cory Sandhagen beats Song Yadong after opening a shocking clip, leading to a doctor’s stop at UFC Vegas 60

Corey Sandhagen We will leave UFC Vegas 60 With the victory of TKO after the doctor did not allow in the first row Song Yadong To continue due to a horrific cut he opened on his head early in the fight which worsened over time in the main event.

The wound was courtesy of Sandhagen’s elbow that sliced ​​Song through his eyebrow as the cutter continued to work on him furiously between rounds. Unfortunately after the fourth round ended, not only was Song dealing with a wound, but there was also a huge swelling around his forehead and eye, a bridge too far from the doctor to allow him to continue.

The official call was a fourth-round TKO where Sandhagen took the victory, ending their losing streak.

“I hate that it ended this way,” Sandhagen said. “I think he deserved the fifth round. I wanted to see the fifth round. I wanted to see the scorecards to see if I won or not. That’s what I care about winning. I won.”

Two of the judges actually tied the fight in two rounds, with Chris Lee Sandhagen scoring three rounds to one, though none of that matters now. Although it might not be the final finish he wanted, Sandhagen did damage that brought him to a halt, causing him to win in the end.

Despite his prowess as a striker, Sandhagen was actually looking for takedowns early on, but Song was constantly dashing in and out of his position and almost fell off during one of the exchanges. On the feet, both Sandhagen and Song were unloading powerful shots that could easily have knocked out anything that came clean.

When the second round began, Song apparently gained confidence after hanging up with one of the sport’s best weightlifters allowing him to have more freedom when throwing his groups. That’s when Song fired at Sandhagen with a powerful shot that slipped away from the one-time interim title contender, which then led to another takedown attempt.

In contrast, Sandhagen continued to show creativity with his attacks including a well-timed elbow strike that cut Song over an eyebrow. Between rounds, the cutter man leaned on Song while trying to hold back the bleeding that was flowing down his face.

After the reboot, Sandhagen made it a priority to really control the pace while holding down Song as it kept him guessing with a variety of hits and still mixed in with takedown attempts. Because he had to defend wrestling, Song was a little more reluctant to commit, allowing Sandhagen to stay more active on his feet.

Sandhagen was also actively changing his attitude, switching from traditional to southpaw, forcing Song to respond with an insult to him. While Song was still effective at a moment’s notice, Sandhagen was causing more damage up to the head and then digging into the flesh as well.

The constant punishment saw the horrific wound getting worse and by the end of the fourth round, Song complained that he could no longer see thanks to all the blood flowing in his eyes. That was enough for the Doctor to prevent Song from returning for the fifth round as Sandhagen was declared the winner of the main event.

While Sandhagen didn’t lose much ground with two losses, which included a controversial decision to split into the former champ. TJ Dillashaw, returns to his fight-winning ways on Saturday. Now that he’s back on the right track, Sandhagen is hoping for another #1 fighter as he seeks to begin his climb toward another UFC Gold Championship opportunity.

“Chitou [Vera] and mirab [Dvalishvili] Sandhagen said when mentioning potential opponents. “I don’t want to be left. Last time, I was neglected. I had to fight for ranking. I want to fight someone at the top. Give me someone for Christmas.”