Customer Experience at Jocko Point Fish & Chips

We are working on building a seating area for about 40 to 50 people. It is likely to be completed at the end of October.

If you want to eat locally caught fish, look out for Jocko Point Fish & Chips, located off Hwy 17 between North Bay and Sturgeon Falls on Jocko Point Road.

Founded in 2008, this family-owned and operated business has grown from its humble beginnings.

“We really started out as a pickup, and we expanded a little bit from there. So, in 2008 and 2009 we were in a pickup, and then in 2010 we built the first actual chip holder with a real kitchen and we grew up from there,” co-owner Abby MacLeod explained.

“We were there for a long time and then this new building just opened its doors on August 29thThe tenth from this year. So we just finished building. It was wonderful. We have a lot of staff and everything is running very smoothly. “The fish comes from Lake Nipsing, and it’s all fresh,” MacLeod said.

Don’t let the name fool you, there is a lot more on the menu than fish.

The extensive menu includes burgers, poutine, chicken served a variety of ways, wraps including becquerel rolls, pogo, cheeseburgers, whistling dogs, chicken wings, and even pizza.

“All the Canadian classics you’d expect from a chip holder,” MacLeod smiled.

Appetizers include fried pickles, moza sticks, onion rings, mushroom caps, jalapeno poppers, breaded chicken nuggets and spicy jalapenos.

“Everything we do here is done by hand using the freshest ingredients. Our signature dish is definitely the Pickerel and Chips. Our four-piece dinner is the Pickle with fresh French fries, coleslaw and a drink,” MacLeod explained.

It is a mobile business where people put their food to go or the phone in their orders.

There is currently no indoor seating available, so most people enjoy eating their meal at one of the many picnic tables, or taking it home.

But this will soon change once the construction of the new building is complete.

“We are working on building a seating area for about 40 to 50 people. It should probably be completed at the end of October,” MacLeod said.

“We will then be open year round now. So this will be our first open winter. It’s been a long time, and our customers have asked for it for a very long time. We won’t be serving, it will be a picnic and an order and then they can take their food and eat inside if they wish.” that “.

Which would be similar to the way many fast food restaurants operate.

The customer base is a mix of locals and people who travel on the highway.

“We get people from Sturgeon Falls, North Bay, people from Sudbury who come specifically for fish and chips, and a lot of travelers. This area is a great summer destination so we have people coming in from really all over the country.”

McLeod explains how their product differs from some of their competitors.

“We don’t make the usual thick beer mixture for fish. We really want the becquerel to shine in the dish, so it’s really just a light seasoning that we fry and then saute that way, so it doesn’t swell at all. It’s really just the becquerel, and the seasoning is meant to compliment the becquerel” .

Next to the chip stand is a shop for people who are looking for great and sweet treats.

“We opened our ice cream shop in 2016 just to complement our fish and chips, so you get dinner, dessert and we usually have 44 different flavors of ice cream. We get the ice cream from the London Ice Cream Company in London,” MacLeod said. Ontario.

And the options don’t stop there.

“We have soft ice cream and 44 flavors hard ice cream. So I think this is unique. Not many places sell hard ice cream anymore. And that’s a big attraction as well.”

The shop tries to stick to the classic flavors, but they’ve had some “wild flavors” in the past. For example, there was dill pickle-flavored ice cream, and a Chicago-inspired popcorn mix that was “cheese and caramel” ice cream.

“This was impressive. Most of the time we only get sweet ice cream, salty foods are not always the most common.”

The ice cream shop will only remain open for a few more weeks, at least until the cold weather has passed.

McLeod is proud of everything it has to offer.

“We are a small family business and we treat everyone like family here. We are really all about customer service. This wouldn’t be possible without our customers, so we would love to see new faces and of course our regulars who have been coming here all these years.”

The restaurant is open seven days a week from 11am to 8pm, but this may be subject to change once winter arrives.