Delicious teaser: Google announces the upcoming Pixel 7 phone with chips!

The smartphone industry has been making progress in the past few months. In August, there was Samsung disassemble (Opens in a new tab) The event that marked the launch of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4followed by the long-awaited iPhone 14 . event (Opens in a new tab) In early September. Google has now started a creative and a little crazy promo for the upcoming campaign Pixel 7 range of phones (Opens in a new tab) in Japan.

The fun campaign uses chips (potato chips, if you’re a UK reader) as a marketing ploy. The campaign teases the Pixel 7 colors as chip flavors, consisting of Snow Cheese (ice-colour), Onion Hazel (honey-colour), Citrus Lime (lemongrass-colour), and Obsidian (obsidian). racing on The best camera phone (Opens in a new tab) Running!

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