Dosage permit review: Fairly strong drink

dose permit, from developer MassHive Media and publisher PQube, adds a unique twist of chemistry to the typical simulation title, putting players in the role of a city chemist who comes to a small town to open a clinic. Unlike many titles in Relaxing video game genreAnd the dose permit It does not contain any farming items whatsoever, focusing entirely on the potion aspects of the game. This is a welcome change that creates a satisfying gameplay loop along with interesting characters, but some monotony and bugs get in the way of the game.

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dose permit It begins in the city of Montberry, where the player’s alchemist character – who can be moderately customizable – and companion dog arrive from the capital at the behest of the mayor of Montberry, Meyer. Meyer’s daughter, Roe, fell ill, and all attempts by the town’s witch doctor Matthew to treat her failed. The player was called out with great hesitation, as Moonbury had previous experience with an alchemist in the capital that permanently distorted the city’s ecosystem, causing the entire population to feel great distrust of the profession in general.

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It’s always fun to play a simulator Game with service industry function Instead of the typical farmer role, the dose permit It offers a very interesting look at this concept. Patients will come to the player’s clinic several days a week – but not every day, which is a nice break to focus on other aspects of play – complaining of various ailments. Sick villagers must be diagnosed first, and this is done by focusing on problem areas and then completing one of several different mini-games, such as a short memory test.

After reaching the referee, players will return to their cauldron to prepare any necessary potions through an attractive puzzle system. Each dose contains a set of uniquely shaped squares that must be filled with feed, each with its own unique shape, creating a kind of Tetris– Thin element of gameplay without time limit. pots in dose permit It also has a maximum upgradable ingredient capacity, which means that players cannot simply make potions using dozens of small ingredients, and will be able to use more resources in recipes over time. This can be further complicated by recipes that only allow some types of ingredients, which fall under the categories of fire, earth, wind, and water. All of these elements come together to form a powerful gameplay loop that makes foraging truly rewarding.

fodder in dose permit It will take players to a few different sprawling biomes, each with their own unique resources and creatures, which can also be slaughtered for materials like fur and mud. dose permit he is A game that makes exploration rewarding – Players will encounter turbulent areas of nature that they can help thrive again with their own alchemy, often resulting in new resources emerging. It’s oddly exciting to discover what a new material looks like, and perhaps finally to find the oddly shaped piece that fits perfectly in a particularly challenging potion.

The Montbury City area is also charming, with aesthetics that remind us of it cemetery guard. The city is rather big, which can be frustrating in a game where time every day is precious, if no one dose permitIts best feature: Teleportation. Players can unlock various teleportation locations both in city and in the wild that can be accessed at any time using the in-game map, the usefulness of which cannot be overstated in a game like this where players will want to spend some time building. Relationships around town and the hunt for food daily.

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is similar to Stardu ValleyHeart eventsAnd the dose permit Includes special story scenes with each character as the player’s relationship with them improves, each including a mission that must be completed before players can continue to increase the relationship. but, dose permit He takes a completely different – and welcome – approach to how they are treated. Instead of players blindly getting stuck in extreme scenes for each level, each time players skip a relationship level with a villager, a note will be posted on the Moonbury bulletin board with a setting on how the special event will begin, including the time frame and location.

Residents also don’t like favored gifts, instead using Moon Cloves as a universal gift, eliminating the common need to open dozens of gaming encyclopedia tabs at all times. dose permitThe movie’s characters may have been hit or miss a bit, but there are undoubtedly some charming people in the mix with the interesting backstories. While Players can have romantic characters in dose permit And you go on cute dates, unfortunately, there are quite a few options to choose from, with some of the game’s most eccentric characters unable to be romantic, and marriage isn’t a built-in feature either.

There are a few other activities to do around town dose permit, although for the most part it quickly becomes monotonous. Some individual jobs in the form of mini-games can be done around town, like packing mail at the post office or grinding grapes at church to make some quick money, but they’re too simple to be fun. To a lesser extent the same can be said of fishing, although this activity has the added benefit of advancing skills and collecting fish. Players can also accept other standard fare tasks from the order board, such as collecting certain amounts of materials.

Unfortunately, dose permit It has a few loopholes, when in fact it is not Video game bugs break the game, hard to ignore. There are near-frequent frame rate drops, as well as an issue where players can’t click on a conversation and have to restart the game, although the latter is rarer than the former. Moonbury’s beautiful idea of ​​an arcade center is unfortunately useless, as the mini-game provided to the machine is completely broken. The game often alerts the player by flashing light and sirens to the patient in the clinic, only that there is no patient there, which is frustrating because the clinic is such a big part of the gameplay.

However, despite these frustrations, players will likely find themselves coming back to it dose permit For hours at a time – so easy to get inJust for one day“Repetition despite some lackluster moments in the game, because the baffling elements and progression such as improving as an alchemist, making friends, and upgrading the clinic are very satisfying. In essence, dose permit he is A unique and relaxing indie game He clearly has a great deal of effort and ambition behind him, which helps him overcome some – but not all – of his flaws. For gamers looking to plunge dozens of hours into a different style of simulation title, brewing life into it dose permit It may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

dose permit It will be released on Playstation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on September 22. Nintendo Switch code provided for splash screen For the purpose of this review.