Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro: What you should know

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  • Dynamic Island is an interactive notch that surrounds the iPhone’s front camera and FaceID sensor.
  • It doubles as a hub for alerts, notifications, and app shortcuts, and can change in appearance.
  • Dynamic Island is exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models.

within Many new and outstanding features During the unveiling of the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple announced that it is Dynamic Island.

Calling it a redesigned notch wouldn’t be accurate, but it’s a new and innovative way to use the space at the top of your iPhone’s screen. The feature is exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The word “dynamic” refers to its interactive nature. Unlike the notch, which is static and takes up space, the dynamic island can not only display basic information and notifications, but can also appear to expand in size to show more information. Users can click on it, which gives them a new way to interact with their iPhone.

Here’s everything you need to know about the dynamic Apple Island.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are Apple’s latest high-end smartphones. It features a 48MP camera, a “dynamic island” at the top of the screen that changes based on your apps, and more.

What is a dynamic Apple Island?

Apple iPhone 14 Pro.

With Dynamic Island, you can check alerts and current activity in progress.


Dynamic Island is a newly designed “notch” designed by Apple for the iPhone Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. There is an oval-shaped hole at the top of the screen, and it hides the front camera and FaceID sensors. Instead of a “dead space” on top of the device, a dynamic island can display notifications, alerts, or information in real time.

The dynamic island appears whenever your phone is unlocked. With the on-screen animation, the class appears to expand and contract, depending on what information is displayed. It also acts as a hub for shortcuts that you can tap to direct you to the apps you use that are running in the background, such as the music streaming app and timer.

Appears when your iPhone 14 Pro is locked or unlocked

iPhone dynamic lock and notification unlock.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island expands to indicate when your iPhone is locked and unlocked.


By expanding a bit and showing a simple lock/unlock animation, Dynamic Island lets you know your phone has been unlocked.

Displays the charging status of your iPhone

Dynamic Island battery charging status.

Dynamic Island displays the charging status on iPhone 14 Pros.


When you plug in your iPhone to charge it, Dynamic Island expands to give an accurate notification that you’re charging your phone and shows your battery level.

You can control phone calls

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island notification for phone calls.

iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island notification for phone calls.


You’ll get a typical notification on Dynamic Island when you get a call, letting you hang up or answer the call. Dynamic Island makes it easy to disconnect a call after you’re done, as you simply need to tap on Island and tap the hang up button without moving away from the app you’re using. In the past, you had to tap the phone call alert at the top left of the screen to go back to the phone call screen to hang up.

Appears when connected to AirPods

Dynamic Island AirPods connected notice.

Dynamic Island appears on iPhone 14 Pro when AirPods are connected to your iPhone.


The connected AirPods notification goes to Dynamic Island, which has become a central hub for alerts and notifications instead of the standalone notifications that popped up in various places in iOS. Tapping on Dynamic Island shows you which pair of AirPods are connected, as well as their battery percentage.

It can display the music you are listening to and media controls

Dynamic island music controls.

Dynamic Island expands to show you the music you’re listening to, as well as offering standard media controls.


Album art is displayed on the dynamic island while the music is playing, and you can tap the dynamic island to show the music controls, such as play/pause/prev/next. It also includes the option to enable AirPlay.

This means you don’t need to reopen your music streaming app, or swipe in from the top right of the screen to open Control Center, for basic audio controls. And if you’re using a widget to control your music now, Dynamic Island lets you take back that screen space.

You can get travel alerts

Dynamic island travel updates.

Dynamic Island can show you travel updates, such as the status of your flight.


Useful and dynamic information and updates from apps can be displayed on Dynamic Island rather than an alert directing you to the app itself. Clicking on the dynamic island for travel information expands the notification to show the flight number, whether the flight is on schedule, and how many bags the traveler has checked in.

It can give you directions step by step

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro displays driving directions.

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro displays driving directions.


For more centralization where you will find useful information, you will receive an alert for the next driving direction step from Dynamic Island when the Maps app is in the background. The alert will expand when it’s time to take the next step, helping to get your attention.

Shows you AirDrop notifications and status

Dynamic Island AirDrop notifications.

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pros shows you the status of an AirDrop transfer.


Dynamic Island’s new AirDrop notification shows you the progress of your download or upload. You can click on the dynamic island for a larger and clearer view of AirDrop’s progress.

Shows the status of ride-sharing services like Lyft

Dynamic Island Lyft status updates.

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pros shows you the status and updates of ride-sharing services.


Dynamic Island will insistently show you how many minutes it will take for the ride-sharing car to reach you. You can click on the island to get more information, such as the driver’s name and photo, driver rating, vehicle type and license plate information.

Appears when using FaceID

Dynamic Island FaceID Apple Pay Alert.

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pros notifies you when FaceID is used with FaceID animations.


FaceID animation expands from the dynamic island in a move that further integrates alerts and notifications at the top of the iPhone.

It can show you multiple shortcuts for the things you do on your iPhone

Dynamic Island shortcuts for multiple apps.

Dynamic Island can act as a shortcut to many active apps, such as the timer and music streaming app.


Dynamic Island can show you what’s running in the background, and you can tap the relevant icons as a shortcut that takes you directly to the relevant app.

For example, the island will display a timer icon when you have a counter next to playing music. Clicking on any of the icons will take you to their apps.