Exoprimal Story Trailer Outside the cast, customizable outer suits, and new mutant dinos

Capcom’s new IP Exoprimal It has received a wide range of reactions since it was announced earlier this year. It’s hard not to be at least excited about the combination of dinosaurs and mutant mechanics, but there were some understandable questions about the game’s world and how you’d actually play it. Well, today Capcom revealed more about Exoprimal as part of Great Tokyo Game Show, detailing the game’s crew, customizable outerwear, and a few spartan foes. First, you can check out a new trailer for the Exoprimal story below.

A lot of things quickly appeared there, but fortunately, Capcom also provided some finer details about Exoprimal after the trailer. A couple of new external suits, the Murasame tank and the Skywave support unit, have been revealed, and some information on how the suits can be customized has also been shared…

“Murasame is a heavily armored tank role suit. Her samurai-style armor is also not just for show, as the Murasame kit allows her to protect against attacks from any direction before launching a powerful counterattack with her massive katana, Kiri-Ichimonji. If you are the type who likes Get up close and personal to undo damage while still protecting your allies, then Murasame might be right for you.

Skywave is a support suit that can fly, survey combat from above, and impede the movement and vision of dinosaurs and rival Exosuit pilots alike. It’s a great option for those of you who want to relax and help out while at the same time making the fight a nightmare for your opponents.

There is more than just an Exosuit to consider. Lots of customization options on your way! Aside from the existing excavators that players used in the Closed Net Test – the powerful cannon, the outer suit repair assistant, and the Catapault long jump – a new platform has also been revealed: the Blade, a large electromagnetic shuriken that can paralyze enemies on contact. Just like your Exosuit, your device can be swapped out at any time during gameplay, allowing you and your team to adapt to any mission, situation, or threat on the fly.”

Capcom has also detailed the game’s crew, including “Ace,” the fully customizable protagonist, and Majesty (aka Victoria) a character who looks suspiciously like Dino Crisis’ Regina (of course, Regina means Queen in Latin, making it a The quite obvious similarities between HM/Victoria and Regina are intentional).

“Ace is the main protagonist and your fully customizable avatar. Although they are not officially recognized as an Exosuit pilot by the Aibius Corporation, Ace is still a full-fledged Exofighter that will guide you through the world of Exoprimal and its endless war games.

Lorenzo is the leader of the Hammerheads, a veteran known for his calm and calm demeanor in almost any situation that has earned him the respect of his crew. His sister Haruka died in an accident on the island of Pekitua in the year 2040. Alders, a former Exofighter, had his career cut short after an accident that eventually led to his right arm being replaced with a prosthesis. He gets along well with Sandy, treating her more like a human than a machine. Right. Speaking of Sandy, she is a highly advanced artificial intelligence capable of handling many tasks from combat support to personal counseling. Because of her countless assignments with the team, she has developed a unique personality and considers herself part of the team.

Majesty is the newest member of the Hammerheads. Driven to be the best pilot on Aibius, I’ve been through six teams in the past two years and have a no-nonsense approach to her work. She gets to the point when it comes to discussions and doesn’t have time for jokes. While Hammerheads refer to her as Majesty, her real name is Viktoria. Magnum is a daring Exofighter from another team that tends to make hasty decisions. However, his combat knowledge cannot be overstated as he helps Ace through Leviathan maneuvers. Finally, there’s Durban, the mysterious Exofighter that appears to control the Watcher drones that Leviathan typically use to monitor test subjects.”

Of course, the new trailer also includes a few more dinosaurs, including a Dilophosaurus, a crnotaurus, and a mutated neo-tyrannosaurus (for when the vanilla T-Rex isn’t enough).

Exoprimal hits on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 sometime in 2023. Want to learn more? do you check Complete Wccftech Hands-on Training with Exoprimal Grid Test.

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