Fantasy Football: Tight Finals and Week 2 Rankings | Fantasy football news, standings and predictions

  • Mark Andrews, Dalton Schultz, Dallas Goodert and Tyler Higby were the only tight parties Run a track on at least 90% of their withdrawals In the first week.
  • Tyler Higby and Gerald Everett stand out as the week The two most important broadcast options.
  • Juwan Johnson and Albert O are biggest risers In the weekly ranks thanks to more than solid Basic use.
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Every year, the fantasy football industry convinces itself that there are more viable tight ends than ever before. Every year, too, the community has to deal with the realization that depth charts that appear wide open in August tend to close quickly once September arrives.

Today’s goal: Determine which tight ends are somewhat viable fancy options at this point based on first week use.

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History tells us Those tight ends who run a route on at least 80% of their team’s dropouts and manage to earn a goal on at least 20% of their tracks tend to throw up massive fantasy numbers. These examples are few and far between; No matter we are looking for narrow ends and they are:

  1. On the field almost all the time when their team passes
  2. Good enough to lead targets on at least a fifth of their way or so

The following table indicates the engagement rate, track rate, and goals for each track run rate from the end of the tight team’s first week:

Overall, only 10 tight ends were making a route on at least 70% of their team’s pullups while also driving a target on at least 15% of their tracks:

Higbee, Johnson and Okwuegbunam clearly stand out as the group’s three biggest surprises. They are my top three additions to the waiver wire of the week for anyone looking to fill out this site. Check out the Tuesday issue of PFF Fantasy Football Podcast Weekly descending wire analysis.

In addition, there are six other narrow sides that qualify in terms of running a path on at least 70% of their attack dropouts, but are not targeted enough to qualify in the aforementioned pool: Dallas GuedertAnd the Hunter HenryAnd the Tyler ConklinAnd the Cameron PrattAnd the Hayden Hurst And the Evan Ingram. All of them (especially Goedert and Hurst) are good plays too thanks to their friendly turn in the scrolling game.

Narrow closing notes for week two:

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