Four things to watch in the Steelers-Browns clash on Prime Video

Cleveland Browns’ unlikely loss in Sunday She will be on everyone’s minds as they prepare to host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday in a 1-1 North Asian club battle.

Both passes have suffered from consistency over two games, and it’s entirely possible that two players will start behind different backs when they meet again in Week 18. But for now, Mitchell Trubesky Reverse Jacobi Brisset.

It’s a great game. Although the Browns beat the Steelers twice in the 2020 season, including the playoffs, this has been a one-sided competition for Pittsburgh since the 1980s. And with the stench of total meltdown still lingering on Sunday over FirstEnergy Stadium, the best way to get rid of it is to beat Cleveland’s most hated opponent.

Here are four things to watch when the Steelers visit the Browns Thursday night on Prime Video:

  1. Quarterback uncertainty. Mike Tomlin said he “liked a lot” of Trubisky, but the offense did not score enough goals, calling it a “team” effort. It’s all well and good, and there is absolute truth in what Tomlin says. But the Steelers simply aren’t getting enough of their passing guns. in a team with Dionnett JohnsonAnd the Claypool chaseAnd the George PickensAnd the Pat Freermouth And the Nagy HarrisLongest receiving by two games is 32 yards – with a spare narrow end Zach Gentry – On screen swipe. Shots have not materialized in the field yet. The protection, the receivers, the play caller, and possibly even the ball player are likely to be blamed. But Trubisky is a big part of that too, and he’s probably putting pressure on some with his first-round pick Kenny Beckett He breathes from his neck, which hits the proverb. Changing QB might not be too far off if things don’t change, you know, with the results. Offensive coordinator Matt Canada rightly blamed some of the Steelers’ goal-scoring problems, and getting off to a better start is key. The Steelers have not posted an opening drive TD since the fifth week of last year and have averaged 10.7 yards in 11 opening drives under Canada since then. These are the written plays? Which plays do they like more in theory?! It wouldn’t be shocking if Canada requested an early headshot of the plane-burned Brown High School test in the last quarter of last week. As for Browns and Brissett, he’s probably the guy until November – and he was fine. Amary Cooper And other weapons will have to make the most of their chances with Brissett as QB, starting with this main game.
  2. Playing the game can hold the key. Brown averages 200.5 yards in the first two games of the season. Only one team (the 2019 Ravens) averaged over 200 flowing yards for one season, so keeping that rate high is unlikely. Part of the reason is because of the limitations placed on Brissett and the game pass, but Nick Chubb And the cream hunt As good for the RB punch as it is in the NFL. They’ve scored 54% of team points so far and gained 51% of team yards from melee. If they aren’t the team’s strength at the moment, then so is the offensive line (even with some injuries). The Steelers are a different defense without them TJ WattAnd they will have a big dilemma in this game. Turning the Browns off might not be as simple as loading up the chest. why? Well, once Watt damaged his chest muscles in the first week, Pittsburgh switched to fewer light chests. The Problem: According to Next Gen Stats, the Steelers defense ranks in the league’s lowest 10 in pre-contact dash yards, dash yards above expectations and average RYOE when seven or more defenders are used in the box. Chubb and Hunt are both difficult to deal with, but especially Chubb. The Steelers’ handling against the Patriots was better than it did in the first week against the Bengals, but it might not exactly be considered a strong suit. Pittsburgh will have her hands full.
  3. Both teams exploded, but brown more than that. Watt is not the only big-name defender who could be absent on Thursday. brown star Miles Jarrett (neck) will play, but Jadvion Clooney (ankle) and Chase Winovich (The hamstrings), which support both ends, will come out. left guard Joel Bittonio (Biceps) will fit, but it probably won’t be 100 percent. Even Brissett suffered an ankle injury last week, though he said he was fine. For Pittsburgh, Watt is the most notable potential absence, along with the linebacker Devin Bush, who is dealing with a foot injury he sustained against New England. But Bush was taking turns with him Robert SpillaneSo the Steelers should be fine if Bush can’t go.
  4. Everything can come down to the fourth. The fourth quarter has been an adventure for both teams so far. In the first week, Brown led the Panthers, 20-7, and entered the quarter but had to survive a 26-24 final. Then in the second week against the Jets, Brown slipped three points into fourth, leading by 13 with less than two minutes left…and losing! In regulation, no less! The Steelers’ fourth quarter was a little less chaotic, almost losing to the Bengals (before they netted an extra point and won in overtime) and then watching the Patriots control the ball for 12 minutes and 19 seconds from the final quarter in a bitter loss. The Steelers beat the Browns twice last season, and walked away in two battles of attrition in the fourth quarter. Late turnovers killed Browns both times, and they were one of the worst fourth-quarter teams in 2021, with a 50-point lead. This season, Cleveland won 34-19 in the fourth quarters. Can Stefanski’s team finish a tough game against a division rival? Jarrett Out-of-service Browns fans who booed at the end of last week’s meltdown. The best way to prevent this is by playing a game-changing game – preferably late in the game.