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The Calgary Flames are heading into the 2022-23 season with some new faces that will play key roles for the team.

One of the most interesting facts of starting a bootcamp is what the front lines will look like. Daryl Sutter has a lot of different options at his disposal with the additions of Jonathan Huberdeau, Nazim Qadri and Kevin Rooney.

Let’s look at a few different options for what the Flames front lines will look like from September 14th.

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Option 1

Huberdoo Lindholm Toffoli
eat bread my destiny Coleman
Dobby Backlund pelleter
Lusic rune Louis

line 1: The Huberdeau-Lindholm-Toffoli trio makes a lot of sense. You have Huberdeau who is one of the best playmakers in the NHL on the streak with two forwards on the roster with the best shot. Toffoli’s greatest asset is his ability to score goals. His playing with Huberdeau will probably help Toffoli get the most out of him and put him in the best place for success. The Flames need Toffoli to play at a high level like he did during his first 22 games for the Flames last season. Lindholm has a great shot and could score 40 goals again if he plays on a streak with Huberdeau.

line 2: Mangiapane-Kadri-Coleman could be a great closing line for Flames. It will likely produce similar possession and defensive metrics to the Mangipane-Backlund-Coleman streak from last season, but with more offensive upside. Qadri is a better offensive player compared to Backlund which could help Mangipane and Coleman get more points this season than last season.

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Third line: This is where things get interesting. You have to wonder how Flames would want to use Mikael Backlund. If they want to use it as a completely enclosed hub, Dube and Pelletier may not be the best options to play with. If they want to use it in more offensive encounters, Dube and Pelletier can work. The interesting thing about Mikael Backlund is his ability to make his companions even better. He has done this throughout his career with his former teammates like Joe Colborne, Lance Puma, Michael Frolik, etc. Placing young players like Dobby and Pelletier with Backlund can be very beneficial to their development.

line 4: Milan Lucic, Kevin Rooney and Trevor Lewis will obviously be on the Flames fourth streak or in the press box as a health scratch. Lewis and Rooney can flip in the middle. But this will probably be Flames’ fourth streak as many nights as the roster is currently being built.

Option 2

Huberdoo my destiny Dobby
eat bread Lindholm Toffoli
pelleter Backlund Coleman
Lusic Rosica rune

line 1: The idea of ​​Huberdeau and Kadri as a pair on the top line is pretty exciting. My destiny is coming off the best offensive season of his career as he walked in a game of 82 pace 100 points. Should the flame try to take advantage of Qadri’s offensive blast? Kadri’s most common 5 on 5 buddies in Colorado are Valeri Nichushkin, Andre Burakovsky, and Logan O’Connor. Imagine what kind of points Kadri could put with Huberdo on his wing? Dillon Dobby can be suitable for this line. He has a good shot and can be an effective checker using his speed.

line 2: Mangiapane-Lindholm-Toffoli has the potential to be a strong closing line. Mangyapan and Lindholm are excellent strikers in two directions. Over the past three seasons, Lindholm and Mangiapane have played together 451:25 in 5 on 5. In those minutes they had 53.97% CF% and 56.10% HDCF% and outperformed their opponent 23-19. These results may indicate that this combination could work. Toffoli could be a nice addition to this line. He is a smart player who can also add more attacking strikes to this streak.

2019-2022 Ice time CF% %GF xGF% HDCF%
28 and 88 451: 25 53.97% 54.76% 55.64% 56.10%

(All stats courtesy of Natural Stat Trick)

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Third line: Pelletier-Backlund-Coleman can be used as a closing line. Playing Pelletier with outstanding defensive forwards would put him in a good position to learn and he wouldn’t have to be a key defensive player on that streak as Backlund and Coleman would do the heavy lifting.

line 4: Ruzicka adds a skill item to the fourth line of Flames. They can use this trio when they play against major league offensive teams such as Colorado and Edmonton. Ruzicka proved last season that he can play and produce points in a limited role. My only criticism of Rosica is that he needs to get more and more difficult to play against. He needs to use his size to his advantage more than he currently does.

Option 3:

Huberdoo Lindholm Toffoli
mangiban Backlund Coleman
Dobby my destiny rune
Lusic Ekin Louis

line 1: I discussed this trio in Option 1.

line 2: The Mangiapane-Backlund-Coleman streak was great last season. It was so good that it beat the Gaudreau-Lindholm-Tkachuk streak from last season in some key statistical categories.

Ice time CF% %GF xGF% HDCF%
13-28-19 963: 33 58.11% 70.19% 61.10% 62.47%
88-11-20 336: 24 62.83% 69.75% 64.17% 63.57%

The obvious difference between the two lines is skill level and finishing ability. However, the Mangiapane-Backlund-Coleman streak dominated their rivals when they were on the ice together at 5 on 5. Daryl Sutter knows this trio works and can be counted on to close out the top competition.

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Third line: It would be difficult to put Nazim Qadri in third grade to start his time in Calgary. The Flames just gave him a massive seven-year deal worth $49 million. I don’t think he would be happy to play on a third streak with Dillon Dube and someone like Kevin Rooney or Jacob Pelletier. However, it may be in Flames’ best interest to do so given how good the Mangiapane-Backlund-Coleman streak was last season. I also added Rooney to this third line to give fans an idea of ​​what a Flames lineup could look like without Jacob Pelletier.

line 4: Flames signed Cody Eakin to the PTO. He’ll have a good chance of making Flames a 13th or 14th striker. I make him focus on Milan Lucic and Trevor Lewis in fourth line. This could be a very physical streak for a flame. But there isn’t much upside with a trio like this. The Flames will need to bring in the other nine best strikers to bring the front group closer in order to put the players in the best position for success.

I asked the fans to send me what they want the front lines to look like next season. Let’s see what they came up with.

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Tell us what you want the front lines to be looking for for the upcoming season in the comments section!