Game preview | 5 things to know before Sabers vs. Canadiens

Isaac Rosen He smiled as Seth Appert rolled out the improvements the attacker had already demonstrated since development camp in July.

“You could tell he knows it,” Appert said. “He’s put in a lot of work in just two months since we’ve seen him.”

Rosen, the 14th pick overall in 2021, will be one of four first-round draft picks on the ice when a side who will headline opens their three-game Prediction Challenge schedule against the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday. The others will saber forward Matt Savoy – whose first “electric” drill was the subject of Wednesday’s notebook – and Canadian forwards Juraj Slavkovsky and Philip Messar.

Game tickets are available at LECOM Harborcenter for $10.

The game will be broadcast live on as well as on the team’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Here are five things to know.

1. Squad Notes

Jiri Kulich Apert announced not to play in the tournament due to a lower body injury. The striker – who was recruited with the 28th overall pick this summer – will be re-evaluated during training camp.

forward fellow Philip CederqvistWho missed training on Wednesday because he was under the weather, will play.

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2. Goalkeepers

Appert announced that the two goalkeepers on the Buffalo Horizons Challenge list will split the opening game. He will start Beck Warm, who signed a one-year AHL contract with Rochester over the summer. Tomas Suchanek, an invitee who is not on the list, will be relieved.

3. Rosen’s Big Leap

Appert recounted the ways Rosen had improved in the two months since he attended development camp, which included a productive run at the World Junior Championships in August.

“It seems faster,” Appert said. “Seems more difficult on the disc. And his first step seems to be either getting more pop or more firmness. So some of it is physical. But I think part of the reason you train so hard is also what it does to you mentally. You know you put in the work. And you know you’re ready.”

Rosen, 19, is gearing up for his first season in North America after signing an entry-level contract this summer. Appert pointed out that JJ Petrkawho also played for one year professionally in his home country before moving to AHL, is an example of how Rosen made a successful transition.

Petrka has four goals before Christmas last season. He finished with 28 goals and 68 points, earning a spot on the AHL’s All-Rookie team before leading America with 12 points through the playoffs.

“These are all going to be adjustments [Rosen] And eventually Kulich and (Alexander’s second-round pick in 2021) Kisakov will have to face him,” Abert said. But as I mentioned yesterday, and I am a firm believer in this, it is that adversity will make them grow their game.”

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4. On the power play

The Saber opened their morning skate with strength training exercises. The units were as follows:

Philip Cederqvist
Alexander KissakovTyson CusackMatt Savoy
Oskar Laksonen

Josh Bloom
Linus WeisbachLukas RuskIsaac Rosen
Mats Lindgren

5. Scouting in the Hab

Slavkowski tops the Montreal squad, which ranked first in the selection this summer. He became the 4th No. 1 pick to participate in the Horizons Challenge, and joined him Rasmus Dahlen (Buffalo), Nico Hescher (New Jersey), and Jack Hughes (New Jersey).