GoPro launches three new Hero11 cameras simultaneously

GoPro has launched the latest version or versions of the popular Hero action camera. This releases in the plural because there are three different Hero11 cameras all released today.

GoPro’s Hero line now includes the new mainstay version, the Hero11 Black, as well as the smaller Hero11 Black Mini and the feature-packed Hero11 Creator Edition. The new models include improved video, a larger sensor than previous models, updated Hypersmooth stabilization, as well as a longer-lasting battery among other updates.

GoPro Hero11 Black Camera

GoPro camera for all fits and purposes

As more and more people use action cameras for more and more specific purposes, GoPro has decided to make its Hero11 more adaptable to different uses.

Hero11 Black Mini

The Hero11 Mini is lighter in weight, takes up less space and has two stands. This makes it easy to fit into smaller mounting spaces, such as under a helmet visor, so you can get the exact perspective you want without a camera in your field of view. Simple one-button design makes video capture easy. Optional ‘Professional Controls’ allow you to adjust the video capital.

Although the Mini is smaller and simpler, it’s almost as powerful as the full-size family member. It can still shoot 5.3K video with full Hypersmooth 5.0 image stabilization and the new, larger full-frame sensor. What you give up is the ability to take photos (although you do get a 24.7MP frame), a removable battery, and some more detailed features like GPS and better audio. The battery may be the biggest sticking point for mountain biking. But the smaller size and more mounting options make up for the battery, depending on how you use the Mini.

GoPro Hero11 Creators Edition
GoPro Hero11 Creator Edition
Hero11 Creator . Edition

For riders getting into full video production, the Hero11 Creator Edition is a modular build. It allows users to add and customize features as per their needs. This includes lighting and sound accessories and a special grip that functions as a battery, remote control, stand or tripod.

Hero11 Black Hypersmooth 5.0 adds Horizon Lock

The classic Hero11 Black sees its own improvements over the Hero10. Image quality jumps from 23MP on the Hero10 to 27MP on the Hero11. Hypersmooth 5.0 improves the Hero11’s image stabilization capabilities, including a new “Horizon Lock” feature that keeps video level even when you’re not, allowing a full 360-degree rotation of the camera without disrupting shots.

Enduro . battery

All three cameras use a copy of GoPro’s new Enduro battery. The updated battery is designed to perform better in extreme conditions, including cold, lasts longer and charges faster than previous batteries. GoPro claims 38 percent longer recording time in cool temperatures than current GoPro cameras and batteries.

GoPro Hero 11 Mini Camera
GoPro Hero 11 Mini Camera

Pricing: GoPro Hero11

The three new GoPro cameras cover a range of different prices. The smaller, simpler Hero11 Black Mini starts at an MSRP of $530.00. The standard Hero11 Black model trades at $650.00. With all the bells and whistles, plus the option to add more, the Hero11 Creator Edition rolls out the red carpet at $900.00.

Both full-size cameras are now available through GoPro and in stores. The smaller GoPro Hero11 Mini is expected in late October.