Grandmaster Chess Plot Explanation Anal Bead

Hans Niemann protested his innocence during a post-championship interview.

The modern chess world of tournaments is not just long games and murky openings. there twitch dramarobots that kids broken fingersAnd now: anal beads. last week, World Champion Magnus Carlsen He lost to Grandmaster Hans Niemann in an amazing upset. Accusations of fraud began to fill the air. But how is the alleged fraud carried out? That’s when the hero we all need on Reddit rushed to fill the void and suggested that Niemann might have used a sex game to receive a coded message that would lead him to victory.

Never mind that the Reddit post was clearly a joke by someone very committed to biting. The theory is so irresistible that it cannot be ignored. It’s crazy, but only on the cusp of viability. Perhaps that’s why, a week after Niemann’s unlikely win, people can’t help but focus on the fact that he vowed to play matches naked if that’s what people needed to convince themselves he wasn’t cheating. But if you haven’t followed the latest chess drama in the world, let me go back and split it all up.

How did Neiman beat Carlsen?

That was the question on everyone’s mind when the 19-year-old managed to defeat W five timesUrold CHamption at the $500,000 Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, Missouri, last week. The two had never played before, and Neiman was clearly the weaker and less experienced player. Plus he was playing as lions.

The two met three days after the tournament on September 5, with Carlsen making an early foul and Neiman managing to force him to a difficult finish. Grandchesstour Reports That the counter with its bishop turn 13 turned out to be a particularly devastating response. Things continued on a ramp until Carlsen eventually lost out on time.

ربما تكون قد تركت للتو – سلسلة بارعة من اللعب الإبداعي من قبل Niemann وبعض الهفوات المؤسفة لكارلسن ، مع استمرار كلاهما في البطولة كالمعتاد – لكن Wأورولد سييضيف في حين أن Twitter took over To cast a shadow of potentially bad absurdity on the whole affair. “I withdrew from the tournament,” he wrote to shock everyone. Disreputable Youtube clip European soccer coach and messy professional boy, Jose Mourinho, saying ‘If I talk I’m in big trouble’, is attached. For his part, Neiman said he was ready for the hero’s playing streak because he had Accidental preview A copy of it was used in the 2018 match earlier that day in preparation for the match.

Grandmaster Twitch star encourages flames

Cheating allegations They started making their way around chess sub and social media, but broadcast player Hikaru “GMHikaru” Nakamura was one of the biggest names who started discussing the possibility on his platform. He focused mainly on an earlier example of Niemann’s cheating on, something the 19-year-old admitted to.

But he declined to say anything outrageous that ever happened “above the board,” implying that Neiman was face-to-face with an opponent. He certainly didn’t underestimate the accusations, and the drama made huge fuel on Twitch and YouTube. At some point, even Felix “xQc” Lengyel Try to briefly enter the event.

Nieman: I’ve never cheated on the board | Round 5

Nieman later fired in his exit interview on September 6, criticizing Nakamura and denying that anything outrageous had happened. “I didn’t cheat at a board game,” he said. “If they want me to strip completely, I will,” he added later in the interview.

Save his harshest words for Nakamura on Twitter. He wrote the next day, “Hikaru plays the victim, but seems to forget to devote hours of his broadcast to criticizing all my interviews with petty innuendos.” Maybe he deserves some blame and he has to take responsibility for what he said. At least he has a 42% increase in subscriptions now.”

OK, but what about anal beads?

Although there is no evidence that Niemann cheated, that hasn’t stopped many people from speculating what it might have been. Championships strict in their securityAnd it’s not like you can start consulting a chess program (what Niemann has done in the past) while everyone else is watching and your opponent is a few meters away.

During Chessbrah Twitch Stream After the Niemann match, the chat offered anal beads as one solution. Canadian professors Eric Hansen and Aman Hambleton start to play with him, and German port Everything wrote. But one Reddit user took things a lot further and hypothesized that anal beads might be playing a role. How exactly? “The real answer is actually basic,” Post started. In fact, it is very complicated. Shit actually accuses Carlsen of using anal beads to cheat throughout his chess career (except for those few times he was too drunk to feel right).

The anal bead supercomputer design was eventually stolen, and Neiman used it against Carlsen. In fact, Neiman didn’t even know how to use them properly, but his anal beads signals interfered with those of Carlsen’s anal beads, which is why the latter performed poorly. In the end, however, Carlsen couldn’t reveal how he deceived Neiman without implicating himself. Not quite a perfect chess offense, but all the makings of the top commentary on r/Chess. The user was flooded with Reddit gold. Edit delete post. But it was too late.

Screenshot shows anal bead theory as originally posted on r/Chess.

One Twitter user wrote, “Bubbly__” Tweet on September 7 Link to Niemann’s post-tournament interview that immediately exploded.

To reiterate, there is still no evidence of Neiman cheating, although it was announced on September 8 that it would be It has been removed from He did nothing to dispel doubts. There is certainly no evidence that any anal beads were used in Carlsen’s stunning defeat. But what if the theory behind anal beads could actually work, the truth is out there for those brave enough to reveal it. One thing is true: all eyes will be on Niemann’s next match if he decides to play it naked. Do you hear this? It’s a new meta-brewing sound for Twitch. God forgive us.