Hackett says the Broncos “definitely should have done it” after FG’s long attempt against the Seahawks

INglewood, Colo. (AP) – Nathaniel Hackett began his press conference Tuesday acknowledging his mistake in trying a 64-yard field goal rather than keeping the ball in the hands of Russell Wilson in the closing seconds of the Denver Broncos’ 17-16 loss to Seattle. Then, he mocked him and ended up defending the questionable decision more than lamenting.

reckless Hackett said the day after he moved cross-country to his decision that turned his Denver debut into impotence and spoiled Russell Wilson’s bullet in the last laugh all the time. boobirds in Seattle.

“One of those things, you look at it again and say, ‘Of course we should go for it. Hackett said. But in this case we had a plan. We knew 46 was the mark.”

Brandon McManus sailed 64 yards wide to the left.

Two of the things that got Hackett his first job as a head coach in the NFL were innovative play and his love of analytics, neither of which was shown Monday night.

“I think numbers are an amazing thing in this world,” Hackett said at his inaugural press conference last January, when he pledged to use data to “help us make great decisions.”

However, Hackett disputed the percentages when the Broncos faced the fourth- and fifth-place Seattle 46 and the clock was ticking less than a minute.

Instead of trusting a quarterback that cost him three Broncos, five draft picks, and $165 million in guaranteed salary, Hackett called on Captain Brandon McManus to do something he had never done: a 64-yard field goal kick, the second-longest in NFL history. .

“I was surprised they took Ross there,” said Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, whose fractured relationship with Wilson led to the quarterback’s stunning departure from Seattle six months ago.

Wilson was made a side spectator at the most crucial moment of the game on his Denver debut even though in his career he was 22 of 29 with 20 touchdowns fourth down and between 4 and 6 yards to go.

That’s a 69% conversion rate.

Across the league last year, 22 of the 45 teams finished fourth and fifth with a 49% success rate.

After losing wide on Monday night, McManus is now 1 of 8 on kicks for 60 yards or more, his only conversion to 61 yards against the Chargers at the end of the 2021 season.

Since 1960, the NFL kickers have been 2 for 42 on attempts of 64 yards or more with a conversion rate of 4.8%. The only two people to have succeeded are Matt Prater (64) in Denver in 2013 and Justin Tucker (66) inside the Detroit Dome last year.

On top of that, Seattle is one of the hardest places to kick. The longest field goal scored at Lumen Field was 56 yards by Dan Bailey in 2014.

Asked if he was aware of it, Hackett said, “When we looked at it, it was about listening to the players, knowing where they were and what they could do. That was something we all agreed on. The fact that she was fourth and that was our only chance to decide that.” And that’s why we did it.”

Hackett added, “I wanted to give him that chance. I wanted to give him a chance to be able to win the match there. He had the distance; I went a little left. It’s just one of those unfortunate things, but that was our plan in getting into that.”

“Obviously looking back, if you miss a field goal, you will always wish you had gone for it. So that’s the crazy thing about this game.”

Asked if Wilson had campaigned for fourth, Hackett said, “No, we all have the plan.”

Regardless of the percentages, Hackett lacked imagination in both games as his back flopped at the goal line. He put Wilson in the gun, eliminating the play option to freeze the linebacker and create a fast pass.

Denver was disorganized all night, struggling to get to the line, and that played a role in Jafonte Williams stumbling in the finish zone after Melvin Gordon did the same.

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Bradley Chubb overcame a slow start to score a pair of second-half sacks. These were the first removals for the centre-back since November 29, 2020, as he missed all but seven matches last year after operations on his ankles.

What needs help?

The offense showed rust after Hackett suspended his starters from the start of the season, making three false starts and two delays that nullified Wilson’s big night (340 yard passes).


Year three WR Jerry Jeudy had four passes for 102 yards and his 67-yard touchdown was the first hit by the first since the season ended his rookie year.

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Hackett, see above.


Denver RG Quin Meinerz lost to a hamstring injury in the first half and CB K’Waun Williams lost to a hand injury in the fourth quarter.

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19- The number of tackles Williams (seven) and Gordon (12) took 42 passes from Wilson, who ran once for two yards.

Next steps

The Broncos have a short week to correct critical errors in training style and prepare for the Houston Texans, who drew with the Indianapolis Colts 20-20 on Sunday.