Hashtag Trending Sep 15 – Apple Ad Placements; AT&T’s new 5G network is only available for new phones; Twilio cuts staff

Apple is planning new ad placements in its App Store, AT&T’s new mid-range 5G network will only be available for new phones, and Twilio is making cuts to its employees.

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Apple plans to launch new ad “placements” early in the holiday season, according to a letter sent to developers earlier this week, inviting them to an online session to encourage them to buy ads. Apple is expanding its advertising inventory, which is focused on its own App Store, CNBC mentioned. Over the past few years, the company’s ad inventory has been limited to one unit on the Search tab in the App Store and one on the search results page. However, with new opportunities for search advertising from Apple, developers will soon be able to promote their apps through the App Store to increase customer interaction. The message to developers did not specify exactly where the new ad placements will be shown, but in July Apple announced that it plans to expand its list. The expansion included an ad unit on the Today tab, the front page of the App Store as well as an additional ad unit on the app’s product pages under the “You May Like” banner.

AT&T’s new mid-range 5G network will only be available for new phones like the iPhone 14. Older devices like the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21 will not get the previously promised mid-range updates. The company spent a lot of money earlier this year to get this new mid-range band, which works around 3.45GHz. This block of airwaves was intended for use by the military, but was released for commercial use and auctioned by the Federal Communications Commission in January. AT&T spent $9.1 billion on licenses. Last month, when AT&T announced its plans to roll out 3.45GHz, it noted that older 5G devices, such as the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, Galaxy S21 and Pixel 6, would be able to take advantage of the new spectrum after the update. Now, AT&T is retracting its previous statement. AT&T’s updated mid-range compatibility list is much narrower, according to an article it posted extreme technology. Only users of newer phones such as the iPhone 14 or any model of the Galaxy S22 will get the best from AT&T’s upcoming 5G rollout.

Yesterday, Twilio, a cloud communications platform, said planning to cut staff by about 11 percent. Twilio is one of the latest to join tech companies in downsizing. Twilio has been hiring aggressively throughout the pandemic to meet the growing demand for cloud service providers from businesses looking to operate amid lockdowns. The number of employees jumped to 7,867 by the end of 2021 from 4,629 in 2020. Technology companies like Snap and Shopify have taken similar steps recently in an effort to control the impact of lower demand amid record inflation.

A prototype of the 1990s Motorola Chevy Corvette electric car was recently discovered in an Illinois salvage yard. article from CD player It revealed that Motorola had built a fully functional prototype of the Chevrolet Corvette. The vehicle that was discovered in Illinois was an intact C4 Corvette with a battery electric motor, with official Motorola markings throughout. In addition, piles of Motorola’s internal papers on the project have been discovered. The car itself is not running but, according to the article, it appears to be running with an unknown amount of deep cycle batteries. The documentation that came with the car specifies the condition of the car in 1992 or 1993.

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