Here are all the variations of the Battle Pass for Season 4 of Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 Launched, with naming the season “Paradise” and dealing with the infection of vineyards on the island. Brie Larson joins The Rock as Fortnite and A-Lists gather for The Seven, with her playing Paradigm, and now that season is live, we can see all the forms of battle passes she’ll be grinding through Season 4.

here they are:

model (page 1) Yes, Brie Larson’s model is already a Rank 1 skin this time around, although you can unlock additional styles for her, including the Armor and Helmet version. I especially like her mining tool, which is a 3D sword.

hollow (page 2) Now the invasion of Chrome has begun, and Hollow is a goth-looking guy who has access to the hands of Chrome who is also a mining tool and glider. I suppose he’s supposed to be a villain, given that in the opening scene we saw vines eating the other members of The Seven.

grizzly (page 4) – Now we get into the traditional skin of Epic’s “Weird Experimental Design”, a small bear, inside a larger bear, controlled by a video game console? Of course, why not. That sounds fun.

Meow Skulls (page 5) – This is the skin that leaked early on, the emo version of the popular Meowscles skin where he’s now skinny and playing guitar. I think my favorite part of this page is a laser pointer expression that you can open in its collection.

Linux Rose (page 6) – Fortnite has been working hard on its skins made for anime lately, including a lot of original creations, rather than pure crossovers like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Meet Lennox Rose, with her pigtails, barbed jacket and side weapon. It has a number of alternate colored skins that you can unlock while playing.

Dune (page 8,9) – Well now that’s interesting. Twyn is two skins in one, and you can switch between male and female Twyns with an expression you open. I don’t really understand what’s supposed to happen here, as a male Twyn wears some kind of eyeglasses and digitally transforms into a female Twyn, who has a completely different style, like a rock schoolgirl, so if there’s a “tradition” here, I’d be curious to know what’s going on.

Spider Gwen (page 10) – Not only is Spider-Gwen on page 10 of the battle card, as is the “featured” cross skin in the battle pass, but you have to go beyond rank 100 to unlock the mask from the Gwen Stacy version, and you need to be two pages in a section Additional bonuses for that.

The Herald (Bonus) – The Chrome controlling villain is already the add-on for this season, and it will launch in 46 days, according to the timer on the site.

So there you have it. Which of these will you be grinding toward this season specifically?

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