Highlights from the Montreal Canadiens Golf Championship

Unofficial launch of Montreal Canadiens The season begins Monday in Laval-sur-le-Lac as the team opens with the annual golf tournament.

Martin St. Louis, Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and Jeff Molson are expected to be among the people speaking as players will participate as well. The festivities began with great fanfare as Nick Suzuki was named the new captain of the team.

Suzuki was the first person to speak after being named captain. He says he was asked about being a draft lead, and took the rest of the summer to think about whether he wanted to take on the role. Suzuki said he spoke to Shea Webber about being a leader.

Suzuki said it was a management decision about the drivetrain, and that a player vote had not been taken.

He starts off with some of his French, but says he’s better at reading than speaking it.

Brendan Gallagher was next on the podium.

Joel Edmondson was next.

Jeff Molson was the next to speak.

Martin St. Louis was next.

Martin St. Louis says that Dave Andrechuk was the captain who influenced him the most as a player saying that respect is earned, not given.

Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes spoke to the media at the same time.

Jake Allen was next

Allen says that even if you had a player who would vote for captain, a Suzuki would probably be the choice anyway.

Carrie Price attended a golf tournament, and Jeff Gorton said he’ll be around the team this season.

Josh Anderson may not have checked his phone this morning.