iPhone 14 Pro reviews: Here’s everything you need to know

First Reviews of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro over here. Before pre-orders reach buyers Friday, these early reviews provide our first in-depth look at the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera upgrades, the new Dynamic Island design, Always-On display, and much more.

The consensus among early reviews is that Dynamic Island has proven impressive even though it’s still in its early days. The camera upgrades also seem to live up to Apple’s hype, but some people are having trouble with the Always-On display.

Reviews: iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max


the edge He has some interesting thoughts about the new Always-On display of the iPhone 14 Pro. Interestingly, Nilay Patel says that the Always-On display… “works a little too,” and his phone appears to be “awake all the time.”

Finally, Apple added an always-on display mode to the iPhone 14 Pro, which Android phones have had always-on displays for a long time now. There is nothing wrong! The screen refresh rate drops to just 1 hertz, and the brightness level drops sharply to conserve battery life. Apple has done some great work to keep the background color accurate in always-on low-power mode, but honestly, I prefer the Pixel style black and white watch on something that feels like my phone is awake all the time. I hope to see some customization options here in the future.

CNBC It also indicates that the Apple TV Remote is inside iOS when the iPhone 14 Pro is idle, thanks to the Always-On display.

Joanna Stern in The Wall Street Journal She says she didn’t notice any impact on battery life with the Always-On display, particularly on the iPhone 14 Pro Max:

For those of us who use our phones as a watch, I expect to save thousands of phone clicks per year. Plus, it didn’t affect battery life in a noticeable way. After a long, grueling day shooting my review video on an actual island – non-stop camera and video use – the Pro came out around 7:30pm, and the Pro Max was still kicking when I went to bed. You can turn off the always-on display to get more battery out.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

dynamic island

Gizmodo He praised the iPhone 14 Pro and its new dynamic island, saying that it makes “giving up on Android mode more tempting than ever.” The review also confirms that while most third-party apps don’t yet integrate with Dynamic Island, media apps like Spotify can because they are based on the existing Now Playing feature. More support from third-party apps will come later this year when Live Activities launches.

You can simultaneously access two applications from Dynamic Island. Simply click to expand it. The process is very smooth, and it’s nice not to worry about scrolling down when trying to access something, as I do on my Android with its notification shade. You can also use it to determine if something is playing in the background or through headphones.

Would I like Apple to figure out how to shrink this part of the screen so there’s nothing there? definitely. Remember, I come from the land of punch-hole cameras, so I’m used to seeing most of the screen when I scroll vertically. When used in landscape mode, apps like YouTube will convert the video to letterbox so that Dynamic Island does not obscure part of the view. But in the vertical position, the pill-shaped island is very visible.

In his video review, Marx Brownlee It also has a great breakdown of everything Dynamic Island can do today:

Image credit: MKBHD

System alerts and notifications:

  • incoming call
  • AirPods connected
  • Face ID
  • Apple Pay
  • car key
  • Airdrop
  • Watch open
  • low battery
  • Shipping
  • Silent switch ON / OFF
  • NFC interactions
  • broadcast
  • focus changes
  • abbreviations
  • Airplane mode / no data alert
  • SIM card alerts
  • connect accessories
  • find

Live activities:

  • Ongoing call
  • SharePlay
  • Music / Now Playing Apps
  • timer
  • Map directions
  • voice memos
  • screen recording
  • Personal Contact Point
  • Indications:
  • microphone
  • camera

Now play:

  • spotify
  • Stitcher
  • audible
  • amazon music
  • NPR one
  • cloudy
  • Pandora
  • youtube music
  • SoundCloud


  • The WhatsApp
  • Google Voice
  • Instagram
  • Skype

write to streetJake Krol likens the new dynamic island to a ‘Command Center’ for quick access to essential information:

It feels like a central command of sorts that gives you access to basic information, while you’re in other apps or just navigating around the interface. Let’s say you start a timer to know when your Covid antigen test is ready, you can start the timer, and see it on top with time on top as you move between apps. The same goes for playing music within Apple Music, but also within Spotify or Apple Music. iOS 16 and Dynamic Island will put multiple apps together at the top.

And when Live Activities launches in a newer version of iOS 16, you can expect more third-party apps to take advantage of and take advantage of the dynamic island. I think the sport gets the highest scores, monitors the itinerary, or even follows an oncoming driver to pick you up. Opticians are literally endless.

Deep Purple and Space Black

Gizmodo Also pays tribute to the new purple color of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max:

Apple sent me a Pro Max in Deep Purple, and I’m in love. I have commented many times that this is the smartphone color for goth girls all over the world. It’s not quite the same purple as the photos I’ve included here depicting it. It’s closer to a subtle violet color compared to, say, the lavender purple case on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

As for the new black color, here’s what it is Raymond Wong in Enter He should say:

My iPhone 14 Pro review unit is the Space Black. I love him. The glass back and stainless steel frame are noticeably darker than the graphite gray iPhone 13 Pro; Like the mix between black and Jet Black iPhone 7. My iPhone 14 Pro Max review unit is Deep Purple; It is a dark purple that sometimes looks gray or black. Both look elegant in person; Both are still fingerprint magnets. You can also get it with silver and gold.


Tom’s guide He has some in-depth benchmarking results from the new A16 Bionic chip inside the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, starting with the Geekbench numbers:

single core multicore
iPhone 14 Pro Max A16 Bionic 1,882 5,333
iPhone 13 Pro Max A15 Bionic 1,720 4549

Here are results from 3D Mark:

single core multicore
iPhone 14 Pro Max A16 Bionic 12363 74
iPhone 13 Pro Max A15 Bionic 11.418 68.3

camera upgrades

Sample images provided by Engadget

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max feature major camera upgrades, including a new main camera with a 48MP sensor. Apple then uses pixel grouping to combine these pixels into groups of four. Engadget It’s not exactly sold out in camera upgrades, though:

In fact, most of the photos I took from the iPhone 14 Pro and 13 Pro are indistinguishable. Sometimes the photos from the newer phone were brighter, sometimes they weren’t. The 13 Pro delivers slightly cooler photos with more saturated colors, and its results have often been preferred.

All three phones were adept at keeping details clear even in the shadows. The lines inside the shelter ceiling were sharp when I zoomed in on the pictures. When I used the telephoto lens to zoom in to 3x, though, the iPhone 14 Pro produced the brightest image. She also provided poor colors on some of the drawings on the walls under a flyover.

However, sometimes iPhone 14 Pro performs worse than 13 Pro and Pixel. In my garden shots, the 14 Pro had the least saturated green. Overall, the 48-megapixel sensor’s quad-bolt doesn’t seem to improve image quality significantly, at least in daylight.

A similar story can be told about cameras in low light. In one example, the iPhone 14 Pro shots had the most accurate colors and the cleanest detail, beating the Pixel 6 Pro at capturing individual lines on a sheet of paper. But the Google flagship did a better job with the image of a bright bar in a darkened restaurant. She apparently captured individual leaves on a potted plant on a shelf, while the same part of the photo was cast in shadows when photographed with the iPhone 14 Pro.

cnet This results in “a brighter 12MP image, less image noise, and better detail,” he says.

The main camera takes excellent pictures: the picture quality and details are great for a phone. I’ve noticed that most of the improvement happens in medium and low light situations: colors look good and textures are great. Check out the photo below, which I took on a foggy morning in San Francisco. Note the textures in the buildings’ bricks and the gradual way in which the 14 Pro took over the fog that swept across the top of the Salesforce Tower.

If you enable ProRaw to take 48MP photos, cnet He says there is an incredible amount of detail in the images, but that the file sizes come in at around 48MB.

eSIM only in the US

Take Crunch Matthew Panzarino has some details about the US-only iPhone 14 eSIM setup process:

This year, Apple shipped trial iPhones to reviewers with a service line attached. This means that when I first turned on the devices, I was presented with the option to activate this line or add my own line. I added both for the full dual streak experience and it went smoothly. Apple has had eSIM in iPhones since 2018, so they’ve put in some practice in this area, but it’s been fun overall.

Adding my line even though I’m ‘converting’ from an actual SIM wasn’t painless. Once added, I was taken through a well-designed flow to choose which number to use as my base, which data plan to use and whether I wanted to mix plans to use which data was faster at the moment. The new signal indicator showing both services takes a while to get used to but just fine.

iPhone 14 Pro video review

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