Lexus dealers share safe driving tips with a picture of a Tesla Model 3

Lexus’ agency in New Zealand appears to think Teslas are very safe vehicles – so much so that the luxury carmaker used an image of the Model 3 in its own social media campaign. The whole thing might have been an accident, but it’s pretty fun nonetheless.

Lexus Tauranga, which calls itself a “state of the art agency” in Tauranga, New Zealand, runs a marketing campaign on its official Facebook page. The campaign is actually very good because it highlights how drivers and passengers use their vehicle components properly. One of these posts discussed, for example, the correct way to wear a seat belt.

And for drivers, the Lexus dealership focused on how to properly position the steering wheel.

Drive Safely With Lexus

What is the correct position for my steering wheel?

“Adjust the steering wheel so it points toward your chest and not your head or neck. Slide your seat back as far as you can while still reaching the pedals comfortably. You should be at least 10 inches from the steering wheel, from the breastbone to the center of the wheel.” .

To illustrate how a driver should use the steering wheel correctly, a Lexus dealer used a photo of a woman driving a Tesla Model 3. To be fair, using the steering wheel of the person in the photo was fine. It’s so weird and fun to see Lexus, a brand that’s often compared favorably to Tesla when it comes to interiors and quality, use the Model 3’s interior to make a positive point.

With the commission of such a slip, some members of the electric car community immediately made Lexus agent called on social media. Interestingly, however, the image used by Lexus dealers appeared to be an enlarged image of the Model 3’s interior. If the photo is zoomed out a bit more, it becomes very clear that the car in the photo was not a Lexus.

While some EV advocates have noted that the post has remained online for some time, Lexus dealers seem to be aware of his slips. As of this writing, the post is no longer online. It’s a shame, because it already happened Tesla offers some highly regarded ads – No matter how accidental.

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Lexus dealers share safe driving tips with a picture of a Tesla Model 3