MLB Power Ranking for Week 24

Although the top five teams remained unchanged this week, there was some confusion between a pair of class competitors.

As the Mets and Braves continue to compete for the top spot in the Eastern National League, they’ve also flipped again in the latest edition of our strength rankings. There was also a fair amount of traffic that the opposing teams participated in on V The Wild Card Race.

Here’s a closer look at this week’s full strength rankings.

Biggest jump: The Brewers came in short in their attempt to sweep the Yankees down on Sunday, but they still made up some ground in the NL Wild Card race over the past week — and jumped three points from 16th to 13th this week. After splitting two games in St. Louis, Milwaukee won its first two games against Yankee before leaving a three-game lead on Sunday.

biggest drop: No team dropped more than two places this week, but the group that dropped by two included a trio of AL Posteason’s forwards – The Rays (6th to 8th), and the Mariners (7th to 9th). ) and White Sox (No. 13 to No. 15).

1) Dodgers (101-44, last week: 1)
The Dodgers only needed 144 games Reach 100 wins, becoming the fastest team to reach three figures since the 2001 Mariners. Offensively, they continue to lead the major leagues in an OPS team and goals have been scored, while their promotional staff has the lowest ERA in the major leagues. As if they needed a little more help, Clayton Kershaw has looked sharp since returning from IL, posting a 1.50 ERA over the course of 18 innings on September 3.

2) Astros (96-51, last week: 2)
Houston have won seven of their past eight games as the Astros continue to move closer to winning their fifth title at the West in the past six seasons. Their starting rotation has the AL-3.04 ERA this season – and they’ve received a crucial boost this week with the return of Justin Verlander. Favorite AL Cy Young player is back after a three week absence and immediately Transformed into a dominant performance Against A, he hit nine hits over five uninjured innings.

3) Mets (93-55, last week: 4)
It’s been an up and down week for the Mets, which he started with a sweep in a three-game streak against the Cubs before bouncing back again with the Buccaneers’ four-game sweep. Jacob deGrom continues to shine, hitting 13 hitters in just five rounds on Sunday against the Buccaneers. The Mets are also expected to get three pitchers – Max Scherzer, Tylor Megill and Drew Smith – back from IL for this week’s start. This should help in their quest to retain the top spot in one game in NL East.

4) The Braves (91-55, last week: 3)
Although they swept their rival Phillies over the weekend, it proved to be a bittersweet streak with Losing Ozzy Albis. One night after returning from a three-month absence with a broken left foot, Albis broke his right toe on Saturday and slipped back to second base. He will miss the rest of the regular season, and is unlikely to return beyond the season, although Atlanta has not ruled that out. Despite playing a lot of time without the Albies, the Braves have had their best MLB record 68-28 since the beginning of June, thanks in part to the impressive play of emerging young stars Spencer Strider and Michael Harris II. However, they found themselves searching for first place Mets.

5. Cardinals (87-61, last week: 5)
The Cardinals have an eight-game lead over the Brewers at NL Central, but they’re about to get a series of post-season Tests during their next eight-game journey. St. Louis opened a three-game set against the Padres – a potential NL Wild Card series opponent – in San Diego on Tuesday ahead of the three-game MLB-leading Dodgers meeting in Los Angeles. This trip ends with a set of two games against the Brewers – a series that could see the Cardinals potentially snatch the oath, if all goes well.

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