Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith 2.0 improvements shown in new video

If you liked the Gunsmith feature that debuted in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019, you’re in for a treat! Infinity Ward has now revealed Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith 2.0, and it appears to be a massive improvement to the previous system.

Check out the trailer with details about Modern Warfare 2’s new weapon customization system!

Modern Warfare 2 2.0 gunsmith:

Designed by Infinity Ward, the new gunsmith revamps this vital gear builder from modern war (2019) for a more customizable way to build a weapon.

Based in part on lessons from the community, along with Infinity Ward’s commitment to building a broader and more exploratory weapon, the gunsmith’s initial features can be identified by the following points:

  • Weapon platforms. Develop and upgrade a weapon beyond its class to truly customize your gear. Upgrade your weapon platform from an assault rifle to an SMG, DMR, and/or LMG by swapping receivers on a specific platform, using a full suite of accessories to support your weapon’s role.
  • repair progress. Thanks to weapon platforms and branching advancements, attachments are shared within and between weapon platforms. Depending on the facility, it is either unlocked to all weapons within the platform, or unlocked to all weapons in the entire game. Expect low repetitions, reasonable challenges to unlock attachments and camouflage… and if you’ve been craving a journey toward mastery, don’t worry: we’ve got that planned too.
  • shooting range. Test your creativity without sacrificing K/D within the gunsmith. More information to come in Call of Duty: Next.

In addition, Infinity Ward also offers weapon platforms.

Unlike in previous years where each weapon was a separate family, weapon platforms simplify progression and create collections of accessories to facilitate exchanges between playstyles across the gunsmith. Although some weapon platforms still contain a single weapon – for example the RPG-7 and Lockwood MK2 “cowboy gun” – more modern platforms can contain three, four, or even five different weapons.

in Modern Warfare IICustomers will receive each base weapon platform from each factory on a journey that advances the military rank (rank 1 to 55). The first weapon to unlock on a weapon platform will be known to its receiver, which is the weapon’s core that defines its primary use and strengths.

For example: the M4 above, the first unlocked weapon platform, is from Tempus Armaments and is classified as an assault rifle.

After you select a primary or secondary weapon and head to the gunsmith, you’ll see the “receiver” attachment as well as muzzle slots, barrels, magazines, and other parts you already know.

  • Here’s how to switch receivers on the gunsmith, using the M4 and M16 as an example. Note how all attachments are kept even though this gun has been turned into a brand new weapon.

Just like in previous Call of Duty games, players will be able to level up their weapons to unlock attachments. However, in MW2, these slots include receivers.

Changing the receiver of the weapon completely changes what the weapon is; It’s considered a “new” weapon when building gear, but it still lives within the same weapon platform.

Each new receiver can be seen in the assigned weapon classes in the gear screen. However, while editing any weapon that is part of a larger weapon platform, you can simply swap receivers in the gunsmith.

When you level up weapon platforms, you unlock two types of attachments:

The first is specific to a specific weapon platform — receivers, barrels, stock, rear handles and magazines. These are shareable within the platform across all receivers.

The second is attachments that can be used via All Weapons capable of being equipped. These are optics, ammunition, lower and foregrip barrels and muzzles. This allows you to collect an arsenal of attachments that only need to be unlocked Once.

There is a lot to dissect when it comes to MW2’s Gunsmith 2.0 gunsmith, and you can read the initial breakdown over here.

Do not forget, Next call of duty It airs tomorrow, and we’ll see a full reveal of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, Warzone 2.0 and more!