NDHC: New Owner of 65 Affordable Seniors Units in North Bay

“When DNSSAB and NDHC were approached by the Mackay Homes Board, it was clear that this property could have been sold to a private developer, opening up the possibility of losing these affordable units.”

With its comprehensive affordable housing strategy in mind, Nipissing District Housing Corporation (NDHC) is the new owner of Mackay Homes in North Bay, a move that prevents the complex from being sold to private investors.

After thriving for many years under its management by volunteer board members, MacKay Homes Corporation is transferring its land and buildings in its 65-unit seniors housing on Olive Street to NDHC. With the relocation, existing residents will continue to occupy the premises under existing leases. NDHC will make the outgoing board full as part of the agreement and will formally take over control on Friday.

The units at Mackay Homes will be added to NDHC’s housing inventory of more than 830 rental income and marketing units within the Nipissing area. NDHC’s mission is to provide safe and affordable housing to those who need it most, as well as to support healthy and safe communities for its tenants.

Catherine Matheson is the central director of accounting for both the NDHC and its parent organization Nipsing District Council of Social Servicesand hopes that transportation will be smooth for residents of Mackay Homes.

“The leases will remain the same,” Matheson notes. “There will be no change for the people who are currently living here. We are maintaining the affordable housing aspect for these tenants and future tenants.”

“On behalf of the Mackay Homes Board of Directors, I would like to pay tribute to the vision and contribution of the founding board members who saw the need for this facility along with the volunteer board members who selflessly contributed their time, energy and commitment, Mackay Homes President Nestor Briscoe said at a ceremony marking the relocation, on Tuesday.

“The interests of residents and the continuation of low-cost housing were high on the minds of the Mackay Homes board of directors,” Briscoe says. “The Nipissing District Housing Corporation is the perfect owner to achieve this goal.” “As the new owner, NDHC is adding Mackay Homes to its housing inventory, bringing its professionalism in management and operations to an important housing market for low-income seniors.”

“When DNSSAB and NDHC were approached by the Mackay Homes Board, it was clear that this property could have been sold to a private developer, opening the possibility of losing these affordable units at a time when this board is working hard to increase the number of affordable units in the area,” advises Dave Mendicino, President NDHC Board of Directors.

Matheson agrees that avoiding selling the complex to private investors played a key role in NDHC’s move to the property.

“When Mackay Homes approached us, we were very concerned, it’s a beautiful location with great proximity to seniors,” she says. “We knew that if we couldn’t cater to their philosophy, they had other options before them. We are really happy to step in and maintain services for these people.”

This does not mean that rents will remain frozen. With the units vacated or handed over, the NDHC says improvements will be made and that the new tenant’s rent – while remaining in the same area of ​​affordable housing – will reflect that.

“These rentals are very affordable compared to the market,” Matheson adds.

“NDHC is not only pleased to add Mackay Homes to its existing inventory of affordable units, but will also be looking at ways to make affordable housing more sustainable,” Mendicino added.

This sustainability is coming, in part, through the Deep Energy Retrofit Plan being developed for NDHC and the funding obtained through this plan will be applied to Mackay Homes. The plan will assess ways and means to implement new technology for deep power retrofits to increase productivity and operational performance and enhance service delivery.

“Acquiring these 65 additional units not only helps DNSSAB fulfill its commitment to the county, but also takes into account the future availability of affordable housing,” says Mark King, president of DNSSAB . Council. “The acquisition of this project has been prioritized by DNSSAB and aligns with Ontario’s community housing renewal strategy by maintaining affordable housing units and stabilizing the community housing sector.”

Affordable housing – and the need to further develop NDHC with support from regional and federal governments – is a common topic of discussion around the DNSSAB schedule and the investigator-counsell says the organization is preparing to leverage itself financially to help make this happen. The higher cost of new buildings may drive NDHC to grow and improve what it already owns.

“We are looking to expand our various sites across the Nipsing area,” explains Matheson. “We have more plans in the pipeline.”

DNSSAB remains 136 units below the district level for affordable housing in the area. “We’ve done a lot in the past two years” to address this shortfall, Matheson says. “I am sure that in the next three to four years this will be on par with the expectations of the county government.”

Over the past period, the NDHC and DNSSAB Boards have prioritized affordable housing through various initiatives including:

  • Reducing the presence of NDHC through Sale of 129-133 Main Street West to enable further housing investment by NDHC;
  • Increased capital and financial reserves by US$1.3 million through sale of NDHC properties to utilize other resources for future affordable housing development
  • Issuance of Expressions of Interest (EOI) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for possible affordable housing development, when funding becomes available. This process garnered great interest from developers and the community by receiving project proposals from 13 different developers for a total of 21 projects, and about 1137 units proposed;
  • Continue to engage partners and stakeholders in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to benefit from collective resources and increase the supply of affordable housing through various projects and capital developments, such as North Pines.

Mackay Homes was incorporated in 1962 as a private company to supply and provide services of a charitable nature to senior citizens. Its success over the past 60 years has been largely due to the volunteers who have run the company and to initial financial assistance through the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), now known as the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

DNSSAB is the sole shareholder of the NDHC as well as the Director of Service for the region. In this role, DNSSAB provides the local housing corporation with adequate funding to maintain the housing stock in good condition, and to make it available to eligible families. The county sets standards for
The number of rental-to-income (RGI) units for each service area.

DNSSAB has acquired 56 RGI units contributing to service level standards since 2020. Adding 65 units in Mackay Homes reduces this requirement to another 136 units. Also, website development work has been conducted in 1040 Brooks Street Construction is being planned for next year for additional units.