New Moon metal: Moon mission: Chinese scientists claim to have discovered New Moon metal. Everything you want to know

Chinese scientists have discovered a new lunar crystal-shaped substance in samples taken from the moon in 2020, according to claims by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

During the Chinese Change-5 mission in 2020, samples of lunar material were obtained and tested to find the named metal
change of location (p.). A team of researchers at the Uranium Geology Research Institute in Beijing used X-ray diffraction and other high-tech methods to distinguish a single crystal particle from lunar dust and rock, according to a CNNC official.

In addition to providing preliminary scientific data, the study also provides insight into the future exploration and evaluation of lunar samples of helium-3. The particles are so tiny and said to be smaller than a hair’s part, they are the sixth new mineral to be discovered on the Moon.

According to the vice president of the China Atomic Energy Commission, the discovery will help estimate and develop lunar resources and enhance humanity’s knowledge of the moon and the solar system. Third place is now in China’s bags after the United States and Russia have discovered a new lunar mineral.

China’s moon probe prepares to return rock samples to Earth

sample from the surface of the moon

The Chinese government announced Thursday that China’s latest lunar probe has finished taking samples from the lunar surface and sealing them inside the spacecraft for return to Earth.

The new lunar metal was announced before the Chinese Moon Festival. Last year, China’s chief lunar program designer and engineer Yi told Chinese state television that the country would send a manned mission to the moon by 2030.

According to him, as long as technological research on manned lunar landings continues and the country is determined, it is possible for a Chinese man to land on the moon by 2030. According to state media reports, in December 2020, China successfully deployed the first national flag on the moon during Change 5 Moon mission.


1. What other countries have identified the presence of new minerals on the moon?

Answer: – Russia and the United States of America

2. What is China’s next manned moon mission?

Answer: The next Chinese manned moon mission is expected to be in 2030.

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