Overwatch 2 gives players a new hero Kiriko for free, and Overwatch 1 will disappear on October 2

Overwatch 2 players will get one of the new heroes coming with the sequel for free, according to Blizzard in a new post detailing the upcoming Battle Pass in the free title. In addition, the company confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer that the last day to play Note and watchthe original release, will be Ocotber 2nd as they prepare servers for the sequel just a few days later.

Kiriko, the upcoming new support hero Overwatch 2, Weilds a kunai, and while it’s meant to be a supportive ally for the team’s recovery, it can also take some damage, like another supporting hero, Zenyatta. Blizzard stated that they want Kiriko to appeal to those DPS-focused players who may have to change the role to fit the new 5v5 meta coming with Monitor 2.

Kiriko can see through walls and teleport to allies thanks to her Swift Step ability, players will also benefit from Kiriko’s Protection Suzu ability that drops a field on the ground to clear players of bumps and more.

The new hero will be free to whoever owns the original Note and watch to me Snow storm in the post Which shows the details of the next battle card that you will witness Monitor 2 The heroes behind its evolution. This conflicts with the unlocked version of each hero during the lifetime of the original Note and watch Which saw every hero added to the roster without having to pay more for them, or unlock them.

In an interview with several news outlets via media call, Blizzard defends the heroes trapped behind the wall of the battle corridor, claiming that it was a “strong fit” to put the heroes behind the wall of progress.

“Well, heroes are the single most engaging content we have in the game. While we were designing this model, it seemed very appropriate to put these heroes into our new engagement systems,” Note and watch Director General Walter Kong (Across computer games). vice president Note and watch John Spector mentions this because players often stick to only a few characters when they play Note and watchusing the data as justification that players may not miss having all the heroes to choose from, especially if they are going to stick with what they know.

“What we actually see in the data is that the majority of players in the Note and watch Spector said in the media call (via kotaku). He continued, “You get 99.9% of the playing time for the majority of our players with 12 champions or less.”

Game Director Aaron Keeler said so Monitor 2 It’s built around the fact that not every player will have every hero, with the team looking at the rock, paper, and scissors counters each hero has and modifying them to make the counters less important in combat. However, Blizzard learns that locking heroes behind a firewall will not fly, apparently regardless of their messages, and the heroes themselves will be available on the free path to pass the battle, with Soujourn and Junker Queen free for all Monitor 2 players from the start.

For those looking to have some time with Watch 1 Before OW2 Take charge, you don’t have long. in meeting with EurogamerThe Note and watch The team confirmed that October 2nd will be today Watch 1 go to die. Once Watch 1 drops on the second day, the team will make every effort to get Monitor 2 Servers are spun and ready for Free to play on October 4th.