Prediction Time: Week 16 Picks for . Books

TORONTO – So, how was the 15th week for everyone?

An interesting influence comes with what we saw in last week’s games, where there were three heavyweight favorites, both among writers and fans playing CFL Pick ‘Em that they all lost (Check back to last week to find out what we’re talking about).

With the stunning Hamilton Tiger Cats, it seems the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and BC Lions are starting to find their way under the Vernon Adams Jr. At the quarterback – we’ll take this moment to shout out the Edmonton Elks, who were bid farewell this week after the Saskatchewan Rogriders took off at home – a wave of uncertainty is created.

This week’s special: Is this the tipping point for Tikats? Can you start leaning on lions again, the way you taught us when you can Nathan Rourke Was he running the crime? This uncertainty is reflected in writers’ picks in two of our games for Week 16.

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The Tiger-Cats and the Alouettes meet for the third and final time in the regular season, with breakout effects looming throughout this match. The season’s streak is tied, the Als are two points ahead of the Techats in the standings and with the Western crossover opponent approaching, both teams will know there is little room for error. will we see Dean Evans And the Ticats we saw last week? The attack that causes the touchdown and the defense that causes the ball to spin? Will the rested Als defend their home ground against the unwinnable Ticats on the road to this point in the season? The authors are not sure. Fans say yes, Ales will.

pick or pick

Book: 50-50 Split

Fans: 70% Montreal


Argos heads to TD Place to confront the REDBLACKS in search of a little help from the Alouettes the night before. If the Als are below the Ticats and the Argos are at the top of REDBLACKS, they get an accessory berth. A win at worst would also allow Argos to maintain their advantage in two games atop the Eastern Conference. REDBLACKS enter this game from the opposite end of the standings and need to start running away from wins to keep their playoff hopes alive. The two teams’ entry into the match after a farewell week makes an interesting wrinkle. There is one writer who thinks REDBLACKS will make it, but that one is Matt Cauz, the only person who picked the Ticats to take down the Bombers last week. Do whatever you like.

pick or pick

Writers: 83% of Toronto

Fans: 79% of Toronto


The Lions and the Stamps have had two great games so far and meet for the last time in the regular season on Saturday. The Lions have already taken the season series with the Stamps, but Calgary is just a game behind second-placed BC in the standings. Confidence in the new Vernon Adams Jr.Lions-Led still seem fragile from fans, who are leaning toward the stamps in this one. The writers are deadlocked, as those who see red in this match believe the stamps were so close in the previous two attempts that they should be able to get one of these matches against the black.

pick or pick

Book: 50-50 Split

Number of fans: 69% Calgary