Red Wings Season Preview: Team Chemistry, Development Keys

The 2022-23 NHL season begins October 7. With training camps opening soon, takes a look at the three keys, the inside scoop on roster questions, and the predicted lineup for each of the 32 teams. Today, the Detroit Red Wings.

Fitness Trainer: Derek Lalonde (season 1)

Last season: 32-40-10, sixth in the Atlantic Division; Did not qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs

3 keys

1. A generation in a team

Red Wings has a new coach and many new players, including the goalkeeper Phil Hosodefensemen Ben Shearot And the Oli Mattaand the attackers Andrew Cope And the David Peron. The good news is that they have a clean slate and internal competition for jobs. This should provide a jolt from the start. But they must learn a new system, develop an identity, define front lines, defense duos, goalkeeper rotations, and special teams. General Manager Steve Yzerman said it may take some time to sort everything out and join a team.

2. Improved defense

It had the largest number of releases last season. Detroit ranked 31st in goals against (310) and 32nd in penalty kicks (73.8 percent). In his introductory press conference on July 1, Lalonde said the Red Wings need to improve the stakes in their game, emphasizing details and habits that lead to winning regardless of individuals, such as staying ahead of the plays. But the staff must help, too. Cobb and Peron are strong defensive attackers. Chiarot (6-foot-3, 234 pounds) and rubber (6-2, 210) add size and defense-first approach.

3. Develop young players

For the Red Wings to return to competition in the Stanley Cup for the long-term, they need to turn their top prospects into squad builders and other young players to stand out as the true NHLers. defenseman Moritz Cider6 in the 2019 NHL Draft, he won the Calder Trophy as the NHL Rookie of the Year last season. straight ahead Lucas Raymond, the No. 4 pick in the 2020 NHL Draft, placed fourth in the vote by the Professional Hockey Writers Association. What do they do in order to appear? Who else is willing not just to make the list, but to make an impact?

Video: David Perron signs with the Detroit Red Wings

Roster Rondon

making the cut

All eyes will be on forwards Jonathan Bergren (No. 33, 2018 NHL Draft) and Elmer Soderblum (No. 159, 2019) The Men of Defense Simon Edvinson (No. 6, 2021 NHL Draft) and Albert Johansson (No. 60, 2019) at the training camp. Red Wings do not want to rush anyone, they have enough depth that they do not need. These young players will have to force themselves onto the roster rather than be sent to the Grand Rapids of the American Hockey League, as Raymond did last season.

The most interesting addition

Edvinson was a finalist for the Swedish Hockey League Player of the Year last season and played for Sweden at the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championships in Edmonton last month. The 19-year-old is about to play his first professional season in North America. Edvinson, who paid 6-4, £198, said his goal is to play for the Red Wings on opening night against the Toronto Maple Leafs in Detroit. Yeserman said he would have a chance and if he was willing to play a regular role, that would be great for them.

The biggest possible surprise

Jacob Franna He has played 37 games since the Red Wings acquired the striker in a deal with Washington Capitals on April 12, 2021, missing the first five months of last season due to shoulder surgery. But he scored 21 goals in 37 games, including 13 goals in 26 games last season after his return. He reached a career high in the National Hockey League of 25 goals, which were scored in 69 games for the capitals in 2019-20. Could he hit 30 this season? Maybe even 40?

ready to hack

Philip Zadina He hasn’t been the top scorer the Red Wings have been hoping for since they picked the sixth-placed striker in the 2018 draft. He scored 10 goals in 74 games last season and has 25 goals in 160 NHL games. But he wasn’t even 23 years old until November 27, and he signed a three-year, $5.475 million contract on August 26. And an average annual value of $1.825 million would look like a bargain if he fulfilled his potential. With a new coach and some new teammates, will he start going in that direction?

sleeping fantasy

Copp, C/RW (fictional average draft position: 171.3) – Possibly second place with exposure to two valuable wings in Vrana and/or Perón and/or Tyler Bertozzi. Copp can handle the momentum he had last regular season, when he was better than a point per game (18 in 16 games) with the New York Rangers, as a fictional sleeper under Lalonde. – Anna Dua

Expected line

Tyler Bertozzi – Dylan Larkin – Lucas Raymond

Jacob Vrana – Andrew Cobb – David Peron

Dominic CubanBios Sutter – Philip Zadina

Adam ErnieMichael RasmussenOscar Sundqvist

Ben Shearot – Moritz Cedar

Oli Mata – Philip Hornk

Jordan AusterlGustav Lindstrom

Alex Ndeljkovic

Phil Hoso