Russell issues a warning to the FIA

After the huge controversy, Russell spoke up and warned the FIA ​​that races like Monza offer nothing to viewers. George Russell started second and finished the Formula 1 Grand Prix on the third step of the podium.

A satisfactory result for the British driver under the circumstances. When asked about this weekend’s race result, Lewis Hamilton’s teammate expressed his regret over the circumstances But he knew that it was impossible to prolong the race.

Despite all the penalties handed, George Russell managed to start the Monza Grand Prix in second place. The Mercedes driver started behind Charles Leclerc and almost took the lead at the start. In the end, Monaco fought very well and forced Russell to cut the corner, a small mistake without result. Behind him, George Russell had hoped to fight for victory, but Max Verstappen’s Red Bull was, once again, too strong.

“We have to be realistic, this Red Bull is almost unbeatable. It will take real effort to beat this car. In terms of performance, they are completely ahead of everyone else,” He lamented Lewis Hamilton, George Russell’s teammate.

Combined with the new success of Max Verstappen, what marked the Monza Grand Prix was the arrival of the safety car. The FIA, which has been much disputed, has finally responded to this controversial decision.

“While every effort was made to quickly evacuate Car 3 and resume the race, the situation developed and the stewards were unable to put the car into neutral and push it into the escape route,” FIA said.

“Since the safety of the evacuation was our only priority, and the accident was not large enough to require a red flag, the race under the safety car was completed according to procedures agreed upon by the FIA ​​and all contenders,

“The timing of the safety car period during the race has no bearing on this measure,” The FIA ​​said in a statement.

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George Russell, who finished third in the Grand Prix, also regretted the decision.

“It’s just a race, I guess. Obviously it’s not always easy for a F1 car to stop in an uncomfortable place. You always want to finish the race under green flag conditions but what can you do? That’s the way it goes,

“And I don’t know what it looks like but I don’t think it would have changed the outcome anyway.”

Russell then issued a warning to the FIA ​​about Monza, saying: “But what is clear is that these overall races do not seem to present any exciting spectacle.” Mercedes driver said.

When asked about a possible change in the regulations, George Russell was blunt: “You can’t extend the race, we don’t have the fuel for that. So it’s settled. After Abu Dhabi 2021 we had some discussions about the races ending under the safety car,

“I think we’ve watched every race since 1998 and it’s happened 10 times I think. Maybe it’s wrong, don’t quote me if I’m wrong, but maybe it’s worth looking at. But you can’t prolong the race anyway.”

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