Saints-Bucs brawl involving Tom Brady leads to Mike Evans and Marshawn Lattimore being sent off

NFC South is noted for the intensity of its competition.

Take, for example, Sunday’s game between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints.

As early as the fourth quarter of Win 20-10 BucharestThings got heated after player Tom Brady and Saints Cornerback Marshon Lattimore exchanged words. With the match tied 3-3, Brady threw an incomplete deep pass to Scotty Miller for third and fifth with Lattimore coverage.

Brady had words with Lattimore after the play, and Lattimore responded with a dismissive nod. Brady barked again at Lattimore before the Bucs ran back to Leonard Fournette and pushed the Saints quarterback. Chaos followed from there.

Buck’s future Mike Evans, who left the field of play for Tampa Bay, ran onto the field and pushed Lattimore onto the field. Players from both teams then jump into a pile as the incident escalates. Pushing and shoving continued from there before officials could rein in matters. Watch Bruce Arians, former Bucs coach – now a front-office member – from the sidelines.

Once the dust settled, officials called for personal wrongdoing on Evans and Lattimore to be compensated. Both players were ejected.

Tom Brady and Marshawn Lattimore exchange words before the fight breaks out. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Lattimore, Evans has been here before

Evans and Latimore have a history. During the 2017 Saint-Bucs game, Jameis Winston, then the Bucs quarterback, poked Lattimore in the helmet after a verbal confrontation. Lattimore responded by pushing Winston. like on sunday, Then Evans jumped into the fray and pushed Lattimore into the grass. Evans wasn’t taken out that day, but the NFL Later he handed him a one-match suspension for blind side kick.

The suspension could be made again after Sunday’s brawl.

The Bucs answered the scrimmage by 17-7 in the fourth quarter to secure the win. After the match, players and officials answered questions about the incident.

It gets hot when you come to New Orleans.

“It gets hot when you come to New Orleans,” Evans told reporters after the game. “They are a good team, a physical team …

“All I see is Lattimore punches Lenny in the face or something. Tom pushes. I just pushed him.”

Evans doesn’t expect a comment like he faced in 2017.

“It was really a cheap shot, and it wasn’t,” Evans continued.

Meanwhile, Brady has chosen to talk about football rather than squabble with general post-game comments.

“Defendation played great again,” Brady said. “Lane fought hard, all the guys fought hard. A really tough team. A really good coach. A team we really struggle with. So it was a good win.”

Why hasn’t fortnite been kicked out?

Meanwhile, Lattimore has not spoken to reporters. Walt Anderson did the executive in charge of the NFL. He explained ejections and perspective from the NFL headquarters, who was in contact with in-game officials to make decisions on ejections.

“The officials were carrying the flags of these two players,” Anderson said. Via the assembly report. “So, we have already reviewed those actions and determined that the actions of each of these players have risen to the level of scandalous and therefore disqualification.”

He also explained why Fortnite wasn’t fired after his Lattimore push started chaos. Fournette was not reported for a penalty for his role in the incident.

“Rule 19 eventually allows us to consider the possibility of disqualifying other players,” Anderson continued. “We did not feel that these measures had risen to the level of ineligibility.”

The Bucs and Saints play again in Week 13 in the Monday Night Football game on December 5th.