Sniper Elite 5 1.11 update will launch on September 13th

rebellion broke out Elite Sniper 5 Update 1.11 on all platforms, and this is an unannounced major update. Additionally, the studio is also teasing what appears to be new content for the game as well. Read on to find out what’s new in the Sniper Elite 5 September 13 patch notes.

Sniper Elite 5 Update 1.11 Patch Notes | Sniper Elite patch notes September 5 September 13:

ModernizationRebellion released official details regarding today’s update, and it’s bringing a new free Survival map, along with the latest batch of content to Season Pass One owners.

Playable both solo and co-op, Among the Ruins takes you back to the once beautiful city of Saint-Nazaire. Devastated by war, it’s up to you and your teammates to defend the Command Post while battling a seemingly endless stream of Nazis through the smoky streets and ruins.

The Skin Pack and Hidden Target Weapon will take your stealthy weapon to the next level as you chase your enemies from the shadows. Package includes:

  • HS.22 . pistol
  • Pea Point camo leather weapon
  • Ghillie Suit Elite Skin (Karl & Monica)

The authentic World War 2 Ghillie Suit Elite skin (available for Karl and Monica) is designed to deconstruct the visual silhouette, allowing you to blend in with your surroundings for the ultimate stealth style. When paired with the Pea Dot Camo weapon skin, it becomes especially effective as you hunt down your prey.

Meanwhile, the HS.22 concealed carry pistol features an integrated suppressor which makes it practically silent. Firing .22 caliber with virtually no recoil, this sidearm is lethal and accurate.

The Target hidden bundle is now available as part of the Season Pass One, costing $34.99 or as a standalone purchase for $9.99. Season Pass One also includes the Landing Force mission and weapon packs released last month as well as two more content drops in the coming months.

We’ve been busy working on improving your Sniper Elite 5 experience. In addition to the ruins survival map and hidden target pack, our new update has addressed several issues and refined some features and gameplay to improve your overall experience.

To highlight some of the major changes, you will now notice that game update information will be shown to you in the game to let you know about new content and patches!

Ask and you’ll receive – It’s time to vote on the map in Sniper Elite 5. You can now vote for the map you want to play in the next match. And in the shooting range, we’ve now added callouts so you can better practice those shots of testicles!

We’ve also rolled out Prestige Mode! This mode allows players to replay their progress multiple times, earning new and improved rewards. The option to play Prestige is available in the service history once you reach level 50 in the multiplayer modes.

We appreciate your continuous support and feedback. We would like to express our gratitude to the members of our community who have been such an integral part in fixing the bugs – submitting reports, saving files etc!

Please keep them coming as they help improve your Sniper Elite 5 experience. You can contact our team through the Help Center if you need any support.

  • Free “Among the Rubble” survival map has been added
  • Support for the new ‘Hidden Target’ weapon and skin pack
  • Prestige mode has been added to allow players to replay their progress multiple times
  • Added support for much needed map voting in Quick Match multiplayer lobbies
  • Shot callout function added in firing range
  • Added “Game Update” function to highlight new content and downloadable content
  • Updated Axis Invasion rematch messages to be more clear if an invader rejects a rematch
  • Pin to a ledge in secret weapons that players can descend without turning back
  • Fixed an issue where special ammo types would disappear after saving the game and reloading
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on a ladder in No Cross
  • Fixed a set of stairs in secret weapons that some players found difficult to climb
  • In Spy Academy, we fixed an issue where players could fall through a wall and under the game map
  • Resolved issues with schoolbag fees in the first equipment slot
  • Fixed a known issue in Exfiltration from Liberation
  • The incorrect German translation for “stealth” has been replaced in the mission summary screen
  • The PK Berlin scope was projected the wrong way on rifles, and now it’s displayed correctly
  • Resolved collision issues allowing players to break through the fence when playing No Cross on Flooded Village
  • Fix for multiplayer DL Carbine kills within audible range of a weapon that registers as negative instead of positive – this fix will start the next time a kill is logged within audible range, no progress towards opening the associated extended suppressor barrel is lost
  • In Survival mode, fixed an issue where weapons could not always be picked up on elevated surfaces again
  • Fixed an issue where players would fall across the map onto the Atlantic Wall
  • Cases of Carl picking up a gun and appearing empty-handed have been resolved
  • Fixed a rare issue where the SMG Kill Cam would display incorrectly
  • When playing Invasion Mode, players will no longer be able to leave the game during Kill Cam to avoid kill percentages
  • Resolved the issue of players falling across the map under the bridge in Spy Academy
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where players with strong skills would only show up with four health bars.
  • A missing zip font has been replaced in War Factory
  • Fixed an issue where Schmidt could fall across the map when killed leaving players unable to obtain bucket codes
  • Players can no longer get stuck in the boom
  • Fixed the radio tower animation when the player invades the game after destroying the tower
  • The problem of players falling across the map has been resolved
  • Incorrectly placed alarm button panel has been removed
  • Various collision and texture issues have been fixed
  • Fix grammatical and spelling errors

Rebellion hasn’t released official patch notes yet, but that should change soon. In the meantime, Rebellion has pushed out a new snippet of gameplay that contains Morse code as well.

for every steamMorse code says “NEW INTEL, SUPPLY CACHE INBOUND” which could mean a new ad is on the way.

As soon as we know the official patch notes, we will update the post accordingly, so update this post from time to time.

Modernization: Official patch notes have been added to the article.

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