Springer and Chapman Power Guys win 6-2

No more Apple TV games and we riot. The game itself, if you can see it, was pretty good. The Bullpen have done their job in what we hope will be the last game of the season they have to deal with without a start. The offense came with the big hits that have eluded them so much this year. Overall, that’s what you want from a team in the long run. Let’s do it again tomorrow.

Trevor Richards served as the opening tonight and did his job, hitting the side. It was a bit surprising to see him get back in there after being blown away on a cleanup job yesterday afternoon, but it’s nice to see him bounce back.

Julian Meriwether came in second on the bill. It only took him five pitches to split the hitters 3-4-5 in Baltimore. He had to work a little harder in the third, fighting his lead a bit in walking Austin Hayes, but he got a double playing ball from Jorge Matteo to take care of it.

For some reason, John Schneider at that point called Yossi Kikuchi. I guess if he’s on the list he should make a bid, but that just begs the question. I don’t blame the player, Kikuchi seems to be a good guy who does his best, and it’s clear that his constant failures are weighing on him. I blame the manager and front desk burning meaningful games that really justify losing an investment. Anyway, he gave up a hat-trick and Homer in the first two hitters he faced, leaving the Jays behind 2-1. It was clear, as is sometimes the case with him, that he doesn’t trust fast football. Cedric Mullins’ triple hit was the sixth straight slider he saw in the fourth inning, he did better, aided by a very generous low area, as he got two hits and a floor out outside the second half.

Jordan Lyles got his start with Baltimore. He was able to get around Vladimir Guerrero Jr. One in the first, but the Jays got the plate in the second with Matt Chapman solo on his home turf. They threatened again in the third inning to double Danny Janssen, but weren’t able to cash him. They broke through in the fifth inning. Chapman led with one song and then Rimmel Tapia followed by working out for a walk. The next two hitters couldn’t get their lead, but George Springer came big with two Homer to power alley left, sending the Jays back in front 4-2.

After the attack reclaimed the lead at the bottom of the fifth, Schneider decided it was time to try to win the match and called in Tim Meeza. He worked the 1-2-3 inning with a pair of hits.

Baltimore decided that five innings was enough of Lyles and went to Joey Kripiel. Bo Pechet advances by one second and stole. He could have saved himself from the effort, though a couple of hits later Chapman brought him home with Homer, extending the Jays’ lead to 6-2.

Maisa gave way to Adam Semper on the seventh. He used the entire field, giving up one fly ball for Anthony Santander that Springer had to fish nicely at the wall in the middle, and one for Ryan Mountcastle that was a little less deep, but got out of it without letting it run. Mike Bowman pitched the lower half of the break and was similarly quiet, with only Jansen’s solo.

On the eighth, Jays called Anthony Bass. He hit rough with the falling scent, which is always nice, but got into a bit of a jam walking to Austin Hayes and one globe to Matthew, but he escaped a bit with the help of Chapman, making a good run on the back of Mullins, and Bichette, catching Adley Rutschman’s liner Back up in the middle.

Bowman stuck around to finish him off for the Orioles. He took lands from Bichette and Hernandez, and after hitting Cavan Biggio (who defended Springer in seventh) hit Chapman on a very questionable high speed ball. The area was a bit impromptu throughout the night, although it didn’t feel like it was helping one team or the other.

Yimi Garcia was tapped to shut him down. He got a solo shot at Gunnar Henderson, making it 6-3, but he took care of the job otherwise.

Jays today: Merryweather (0.105) was the only bowler with the number, but he really accepts on behalf of the Bullpen (except for the guy below). Springer (0.352) and Chapman (0.275) acted on the attack.

Less than that: Kikuchi (-0.168), Bradley (-0.109)

We’ll be back tomorrow at 3:07 PM ET. Jose Berrios (10-5, 5.07) will carry a strong stand for Toronto in an effort to get his era back to the start with four players this season. He will face Kyle Pradesh (3-6, 5.01), and hopefully Jay can get his era back to the start with a six.