Amazon now wants to track you while you sleep with Halo Rise

Imagine yourself comfortably folded in bed. It’s fall now, so the warmth of your quilt is a welcome comfort. To add even more convenience, there is a small glowing device right next to the lamp – it tracks your movements while you sleep. That, in fact, is the Halo Rise, a new device from Amazon … Read more

From Kindle ‘Scribe’ to Halo Rise, here’s everything Amazon announced at its Fall 2022 event

Amazon hosted its invite-only virtual press event and revealed a whole host of new products. There have been a few surprises and a few small announcements, as well as new updates for the Echo devices. The star of the show was the new Kindle ‘Scribe’, the first Kindle device to include a stylus for taking … Read more

Amazon Compress Gzip to Zstd Converter for Private Service Data

Tweet from Adrian CockroftThe former VP of Amazon recently highlighted the benefits of switching from gzip to Zstandard compression at Amazon and sparked discussions in the community about the compression algorithm. Other large companies, including Twitter and Honeycomb, have shared interesting gains using zstd. Twitter savings analysis, Dan Low I recently started a conversation tweeting: … Read more

Amazon brings the popular Alexa access feature to newly updated Fire tablets

Amazon is bringing Tap to Alexa to Fire tablets this week. Amazon Coincides with New Fire tablets announcedSeattle-based Amazon this week also announced Important updates to its accessibility feature called Click on Alexa This was until now available on Echo Show devices. “We’ve brought Tap to Alexa to Fire tablets, along with offerings like Text … Read more

Twitch limits earnings of top creators, blocks some gambling sites

Previous reports indicated that major offshore crypto casinos have been promoted on several Twitch streams, but the platform’s gambling issues seem to run deeper than that. picture: sarco (stock struggle) Twitch is making major changes to its platform. The streaming platform has moved to confront offshore gambling companies from robbing Twitch users, but around the … Read more

Twitch Bans Big Gambling Sites After Banners Threaten Strike

picture: Twitch / Kotaku / Victor Ward (stock struggle) It’s been about 24 hours for the purple people. After a scandal broke out that Twitch Streamer was scamming viewers and peers alike out of the alleged $200,000 in funding a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive addicted, prominent figures began to put pressure on the streaming company to … Read more

The difference between a buying monopoly and a monopoly (and why it’s important to your favorite TV show)

picture: Manuel Esteban (stock struggle) You’ve likely noticed your favorite streaming giants, the likes of Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max – once a haven for content creators tempted by the freedom to create programs that would never fly on broadcast TV – increasingly resorting to tactics such as subscription price hikes and switching to cheaper … Read more

Amazon Makes Cheaper Kindle Better

the difference between Amazon kindle E-readers used to be strict. The cheapest base model has minimal storage, minimal battery life, and a slow, low-resolution display. Meanwhile, the premium Kindle Oasis oozes luxury with its sleek aluminum chassis, fully adjustable lighting, large battery, and physical page-flip buttons. But the models are slowly starting to fuse together, … Read more

Indigo founder Heather Reisman becomes CEO, appoints Peter Ruis as new CEO

Indigo Books and Music founder Heather Raisman outside their locations at Sherway Gardens, in Toronto, on September 10, 2020.Christopher Katsarov / (Christopher Katsarov / The Globe Heather Raisman, who built Canada’s largest bookstore even as Amazon reshapes the business around her, is stepping away from her role as CEO of Indigo Books & Music Inc. … Read more