Henderson remains a champion in Canada 50 years after his 1972 Summit Series goal

Henderson remains a champion in Canada 50 years after his 1972 Summit Series goal

On one wall is a framed picture containing personally signed hockey cards for each one of his teammates from the famous 1972 Summit Series, an eight-game showdown between Canadian-born NHL players and the Soviet Union. Not too far away is a plaque of him and his co-workers standing on the Blue Line listening to the … Read more

On the brink of a global recession, hopes are bleak for a soft landing for the Canadian economy

A stock information screen displays in the Financial District of Toronto on January 7, 2021.Carlos Osorio/Reuters Canada faces mounting economic headwinds as major trading partners teeter on the brink of recession, putting concerns about trade and commodity prices on top of concerns about the domestic economy. Global growth is taking multiple blows. Central banks around … Read more

Go west young man: Alberta experiencing largest wave of interprovincial immigration since 2014

Nearly 10,000 people moved to Alberta from other parts of Canada in the second quarter of 2022 than vice versa, according to Canada Statistics Analytics Published by ATB Financial Thursday. It was the largest net gain since the second quarter of 2014 and the fourth consecutive quarter in which Alberta’s population grew as a result … Read more

In Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada’s first LNG export terminal rose

A Canadian LNG industrial power project is seen under construction in Kitimat, British Columbia, on September 28. The project is now 70 per cent complete.Daryl Dick/The Canadian Press The boom was in full swing at a construction site in northern British Columbia, where thousands of workers poured in to help build an $18 billion LNG … Read more

Thanks to a rare event, putting off the cost of a phone call until age 70 may not always be the best option

The Canada Pension Plan contains countless subtleties that can excite even experts from time to time. My usual advice, deferring CPP until age 70 to get the most out of the plan, doesn’t work in 2022, at least not for seniors approaching 70. Problem? Rising inflation coupled with modest wage gains. Currently, most older Canadians … Read more

Shopify unveils new point of sale hardware, expanding beyond its online platform

Shopify Inc. Unveiling a new point of sale technology, dubbed POS Go, which will be launched for the first time in the US this week and will expand to other countries in the coming months.Shopify / Charity Shopify Inc. Shop-T It unveils new hardware for brick-and-mortar stores in a bid to expand its retail network … Read more

Peter Mahoflich remembers the gesture of sportsmanship in the 1972 Summit Series

Team Canada players attack Game 8 champion Paul Henderson at the Luzhniki Palace of Sports Arena in Moscow, a fierce battle with every Canadian player and members of the coaching and support staff after they piled on top of the boards to join in the frenzy; With them is goalkeeper Ken Dryden, who skated 180 … Read more

Canada’s west coast can export LNG globally, but the east coast faces pipeline constraints, TC Energy CEO says

CEO of TC Energy Corp. François Poirier.note Canada’s west coast is in a position to become a reliable supplier of liquefied natural gas, but the east coast faces pipeline constraints, says TC Energy Corp. TRP-T chief executive officer. With Europe facing an energy crisis after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Francois Pourier said he … Read more

No, you will not be robbed by banks at GIC rates. Plus, what’s inside the “fixed distributions” portfolio that outperforms the benchmark

Amid the carnage of high interest rates, GIC returns are a good news story. But as much as the prices of guaranteed investment certificates go up in 2022, investors are not satisfied. One of the questions I hear a lot from readers at the moment is why the GIC rates are not rising along with … Read more

Goals and meetings: Canada 2-0 Qatar in a friendly match 2022 | 09/23/2022

2:51 PM an hour ago Thank you! Thank you for watching this match on VAVEL USA. Until next time! 2:51 PM an hour ago 92′ ft The match ends. Canada 2-0 Qatar. 2:49 PM an hour ago 90′ The referee adds an additional two minutes to the match. 2:48 pm an hour ago 88 ‘ … Read more