T. rex skeleton has been auctioned in Asia and could fetch up to $25 million

Sue: T-Rex that started it all The dinosaur bone market went hot after a T-Rex nicknamed Sue sold at auction for $8.4 million in 1997. It was the first dinosaur ever to be offered at Sotheby’s. Although the Sue was purchased by Chicago’s Field Museum, the exorbitant price tag opened the auction doors and was … Read more

New transcripts reveal Brett Favre ‘paid for money despite potential welfare fund abuse’

Brett Favre was insatiable in his desire for financial assistance to acquire new University of Southern Mississippi sports facilities despite the potential for state welfare abuse, according to a report. Favre allegedly lobbied state officials to help him build a new volleyball complex according to the latest court filing related to the Mississippi welfare scandal, … Read more

Mars Is Already Shattered: Humans Left Over 15,000 Pounds of Debris on the Red Planet

Humans have left more than 15,000 pounds of trash on Mars in the past 50 years and no one has ever set foot on the Red Planet. Kajri Kilic, a postdoctoral research fellow in robotics at West Virginia University, analyzed the mass of all rovers and orbiters sent to Mars and subtracted the weight of … Read more

Elon Musk says SpaceX’s Starship rocket may be ready for launch into space next month

It may have been touted as the world’s most powerful launch vehicle, but SpaceX’s long-awaited Starship rocket has yet to reach orbit. Plagued by a series of delays, it felt like a blast just a few months away since the start of the year, only to dashed those hopes each time. Now, Elon Musk believes … Read more

Scientists claim edible shoes for marine creatures could help tackle plastic pollution

Leather can take 40 years to decompose, and a rubber sole takes up to 80 years. Meanwhile, every single piece of plastic you wear is still on the planet. This means that 600 million shoes discarded every year in the UK may still be around for thousands of years – but your next pair may … Read more

Octopuses have a “favorite arm” that they use to grab prey

Forget to be right-handed or left-handed! A study has found that octopuses have a favorite arm that they use to grab prey Researchers record that California two-pointed octopuses attack different prey They found that octopuses chose to use their second arm each time But their offensive strategy differed according to the type of prey The … Read more

The study claims that the dinosaurs were already in retreat when the asteroid collided 66 million years ago

They are often depicted as making a “bang” after a massive asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago. But a new study suggests that dinosaurs came out with more ‘moans’. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have studied more than 1,000 fossilized dinosaur eggs and eggshells, and claim that the animals were already in … Read more

NASA’s Juno probe captures a stunning photo of Jupiter’s clouds that look like frosting on a cupcake

Like frosting on a cupcake! Swirls and cloud tops of Jupiter seen in stunning detail in stunning new 3D renderings from NASA’s Juno probe NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been orbiting Jupiter since arriving at the planet in 2016 The stunning photo was captured by JunoCam – the visible light camera on board Juno They may … Read more

Hot gas bubble discovered around the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole

Astronomers have detected a hot bubble of gas orbiting the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole at more than 200 million miles per hour. It orbits around Sagittarius A* at roughly one-third the speed of light in an orbit similar in size to the planet Mercury, completing a full circle in just 70 minutes. Experts say … Read more

Stunning image of a NASA astronaut capturing ‘star trails in space’ from the International Space Station

Incredible photo of a NASA astronaut captures ‘star trails in space’ aboard the International Space Station A NASA astronaut took a stunning photo of ‘star trails’ while on a mission aboard the International Space Station Curved lanes of distant stars and earth lit with city lights and lightning strikes can be seen in the viral … Read more