How to change your nickname in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 It offers players a lot of customization features, especially when it comes to letting players customize their own Inklings and Octalings. This ranges from players getting to choose the race of their character, the color of their eyes, their hairstyle, and even their nicknames. Although the latest franchise entry doesn’t allow players to … Read more

Gundam Evolution Guide – What mobile suits are available at launch and which must be unlocked?

Gundam evolution It was launched on PC on September 21, 2022, with a console launch later. The team-based FPS game is free to play and comes with several mobile suits available for free, and others that can be unlocked later. The developers have confirmed that more mobile suits will be released as the life of … Read more

League of Legends leaker provides information on Worlds 2022 pass events

league of legends The 2022 World Championship will span over a month and see the release of three different patches during the same month. A popular Big Bad Bear leak has claimed that there are likely to be several Battle Pass events to be released alongside it. The developers will probably be looking to make … Read more

How can Odin’s presence affect Kratos and Atreus’ relationship in the new game

God of War Ragnarok, the highly anticipated sequel to the massive soft reboot of 2018, is just around the corner. While PlayStation’s Marketing was very lackluster Regarding the upcoming flagship exclusive of the first party, the pace has been picking up lately. Fans finally get an expanded look at the game’s story and gameplay with … Read more

How to get Unkempt Harold’s legendary pistol for free

It’s now been a decade since then Borderlands 2 was released. Gearbox Software’s acclaimed FPS/RPG hybrid is still considered one of the best thief games of all time by the gaming community. Although there are two successors (Borderlands 3 and Wonders of Tiny Tina), still going strong with a dedicated player base. 🚨 Calling all … Read more

How to get a bigger closet in Splatoon 3

When it comes to allowing players to customize some in-game features, Splatoon 3 It appears to be superior to all of its predecessors. The latest entry into the franchise allows players to customize a wide variety of items and items in the title, including their Inkling’s hairstyle, Splashtags, and even their wardrobes, anytime and as … Read more

All badges in the game and how to get them

Splatoon 3 Rewards players with lots of in-game loot and collectibles For the effort they put into the different game modes that the shooter offers. One of the most sought-after collectibles in the franchise’s latest entry are the badges that fans are rewarded with for the various milestones they reach. Although some badges are easy … Read more

The Militia’s Generated Right to PvP and PvE (2022)

All activity in Fate 2 loot season It saw the addition of new gear, be it weapons or armor pieces. The militia’s birthright is one such weapon. It was added to the Nightfall Pool on August 24th but has been activated this week. Players can obtain it by playing Disgraced Nightfall on Hero difficulty level … Read more

5 titles shown at Tokyo Game Show 2022 which have been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass

Tokyo Game Show 2022 was too huge for Xbox Game Pass, as several titles for the subscription service were revealed. with Microsoft Acquisition of many studios And with some of the best gaming franchises in the world, they’ll all be bundled with Xbox Game Pass. The publisher will add multiple first day titles and fan … Read more

JGOD reveals glaring issues with Warzone 2.0

JGOD, one of the most trusted sources for Warzone meta-analysis, YouTuber, and COD Partner, after experiencing Warzone 2.0 firsthand, shares his views on the Warzone sequel. He addressed some of the title’s flaws at the time, and hoped to fix them before launch. Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, the latest sequel to Activision’s most comprehensive … Read more