Predict the Edmonton Oilers’ inaugural night list

Two weeks from today, the Edmonton Oilers will begin the 2022-23 season by hosting the Vancouver Canucks. Only three players have been left out of Edmonton’s training camp so far, with prospects Jake Chiason, Max Waner and Red Schaefer sent to their WHL teams, but we’ll definitely start seeing more action soon as the Oilers … Read more

Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames

After meeting in the playoffs for the first time in 31 years last May, the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames should have a high level of animosity, but we’ll likely have to wait until October 15, when they meet in the regular season, to see it. Calgary will wear a veteran-charged squad tonight, while the … Read more

5 reasons to be optimistic about Edmonton Oilers

Well, I wrote last week”Five Reasons I’m Worried About Both FeaturesSurprisingly, people did not react well to it. I’m still not sure why, to be honest. There are flaws in this Oilers team, they are not perfect and I think people should realize that. At the same time, I think they are still some of … Read more

What about Markus Nimellainen?

There is no doubt that Markus Niemelainen provides dimensions – filth and physicality – that the Edmonton Oilers lack in their blue costumes. Simply put, the great Finn does not need a written invitation to run over people. It’s a noise player that lets opponents blow bubbles of snot. His calling card is exactly what … Read more

Edmonton Oilers Defenseman Cody Cisse skates with the main group, Brock Bowser exits after hand surgery and more

Edmonton Oilers defenseman Cody Ceci skated with the main group in training on Monday for the first time since the training camp opened. Ceci, 28, came to camp dealing with a hamstring injury that brought the Oilers to Jason Demers for a pro experience. Cody Cisse (hamstring) skates with the main group today. – Daniel … Read more

Edmonton Oilers at Seattle Kraken

Two down, six to go. Final score: 3-0 Kraken When I saw the squad and who will play for the Oilers in Tonight’s game Against Kraken, my hope for a second straight win wasn’t that high, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot to get me excited about. The good part about having these … Read more

New website coming tomorrow

Over the past couple of months, you may have seen me in the comments section talking to different natives about redesigning the website before the season started. It’s time as promised: is changing tomorrow. The last time we relaunched the website with a new design was in early 2017, which was a condensed version … Read more

Three exaggerated reactions from the Edmonton Oilers 4-0 pre-season win over the Winnipeg Jets

Hockey season is upon us. Last night, the Oilers started pre-season with a 4-0 crush on the Winnipeg Jets. Is it just me, or is this completely inappropriate? Truth be told, I’ve already done that. It was 111 days between Game 4 against the Colorado Avalanche and last night’s season opener. Announcement – Continue reading … Read more

Edmonton Oilers vs Winnipeg Jets

I love everything that happened here. Final score: 4-0 Oilers There’s nothing like prep season one of the year to get the juices flowing again, right? Yes, we got to watch the Young Stars tournament last weekend and that was a bit of fun, but it’s totally different from having a few NHL regulars making … Read more

I do it myself

When I first started writing publicly in February of 2006, my oldest daughter was two and a half years old, and in that first blog post, titled I Do It Myself, I talked about pushing 40 and having a daughter who was very determined to be independent and do things. in its own way. We … Read more