The European Union is passing a law to convert iPhone to USB-C by the end of 2024

The European Union is passing a law to convert iPhone to USB-C by the end of 2024

Today, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of enforcing USB-C as a common charging port across a wide range of consumer electronic devices, including Iphone and AirPods by the end of 2024. The proposal, known as the directive, requires all consumer electronics manufacturers selling their products in Europe to ensure that a wide range … Read more

The next bullish catalyst for oil markets

Despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, oil markets have been relatively unaffected by this year’s hurricane season. The next real catalyst for oil prices, with the exception of a major geopolitical development in which Russia is involved over the weekend, will be the OPEC meeting next week, which is likely to push oil prices … Read more

The idea of ​​imposing a surprise tax on oil and gas is gaining popularity

As the European Union imposes a large-scale windfall tax, the region is pressing other parts of the world to do the same. The UK may already have taxed oil and gas companies to support rising consumer energy bills, but the EU is going one step further by planning an overhaul of the energy market. However, … Read more

Russian oil exports are set to decline next year

Nearly seven months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian oil exports have been very resilient, not exceeding 400,000 barrels per day below pre-war levels. But in December, Russian oil supplies could drop by more than 1 million barrels per day after the entry into force of an EU ban on Russian oil imports by … Read more

The perfect storm is brewing in US diesel markets

1. Stike’s threat to rail highlights US energy weakness The possibility of a nationwide rail strike has pushed US natural gas futures above 9 per million British thermal units, amid fears of rail disruptions to coal, underlining the importance of gas in power generation. – According to the US Energy Information Administration, US natural gas … Read more

Facts: Europe’s plan to tackle the winter energy crisis

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union will unveil a package of measures this week aimed at slashing soaring gas and electricity prices that are fueling record inflation, hampering industrial activity and imposing sky-high bills on citizens before winter. . At the beginning of this month, Russia said it would not reopen its main Nord Stream … Read more

Germany and the European Union race to fix the energy crisis

Register now to get free unlimited access to Register Germany plans to expand lending to energy companies The EU’s securities watchdog is considering measures at the EU level European Commission announces broader plans on Wednesday BERLIN/BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Germany said on Tuesday it would boost lending to energy companies at risk of collapsing due … Read more

Sources: Hungary threatens to block EU sanctions if oligarchs are not extradited

Hungary is threatening to block the renewal of some parts of the European Union’s sanctions regime against Russia if three oligarchs are not removed from a list taking restrictive measures against more than 1,000 people in the wake of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in late February. According to several diplomatic sources familiar with the matter, … Read more

Heating your home could cost 30 percent more this winter

You may want to sit down when your gas bill opens this winter. While the price of natural gas has already doubled in the past year, energy analysts say it could rise another 30 percent in the next few months, spurred by cooler weather and Russia shutting down the taps to European consumers. “One thing … Read more

Europe’s response to the energy crisis turns into a ‘Ponzi scheme’

The EU leadership is working hard these days, trying to find a lasting solution to the energy crisis that is getting worse by the day. However, the way they handle the solution is unlikely to lead to any permanent results. So far, it has been compared to a Ponzi scheme. “One of the easiest policy … Read more