What is forensic science? Labmate online

When it comes to forensic science, making connections between people, places, and things is crucial. Proving or disproving these links can play a large role in putting together cases, solving puzzles, and holding criminals to account. This is where forensic science comes in. Paleontology: 101 To understand exactly what forensic science is, it is important … Read more

Sanderson is healthy, ready to challenge the role with the Senators

Buffalo – Jake Sanderson He has the appearance of a player ready to challenge for a spot on the roster with the Ottawa Senators. The 20-year-old defender has confirmed that the nagging hand injury that prevented him from making his National Hockey League debut last season won’t deprive him of the same opportunity in 2022-23. … Read more

Indigo founder Heather Reisman becomes CEO, appoints Peter Ruis as new CEO

Indigo Books and Music founder Heather Raisman outside their locations at Sherway Gardens, in Toronto, on September 10, 2020.Christopher Katsarov / (Christopher Katsarov / The Globe Heather Raisman, who built Canada’s largest bookstore even as Amazon reshapes the business around her, is stepping away from her role as CEO of Indigo Books & Music Inc. … Read more