HP Victus 15 delivers powerful gaming performance for the masses

picture: Prakar Khanna / Gizmodo The gaming laptops we cover here are often quite pricey, thanks to having the latest chips and high-end graphics inside. But from students to people who are more interested in getting new games than fidelity, there is an entire market for gaming laptops that cost under $1,000. Enter the HP … Read more

The Sony Foxy Cooper franchise deserves to have a comeback

picture: Sucker Punch Productions / PlayStation Studios Earlier in the summer, PlayStation developer lollipop punch He revealed that despite months of rumors to the contrary, no one – not himself or another developer – had been following up on either wicked cooper or Disreputable privileges. With the studio now focusing on what’s likely a file … Read more

Elon Musk activates Starlink in Iran after US sanctions relief

A pair of Starlink satellites blast off into the sky in March 2020. The satellites are seen as steaks due to exposure.picture: Alan Dyer (AP) SpaceX chief Elon Musk said he was activating his company’s Starlink internet service in Iran, which cut off access to the web to more than 80 million of its citizens … Read more

How to watch NASA’s Dart spacecraft crash into an asteroid

Artist’s depiction of the DART spacecraft approaching an asteroid. Clarification: NASA DART’s demise has finally come to an end, as NASA’s spacecraft is on a collision course with the tiny asteroid Demorphos. Here’s how you can witness this all-important asteroid-distracting experiment. An acronym for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, the DART . mission It is … Read more

SpaceX could conduct orbital testing of the spacecraft in November

SpaceX expects to see its giant Starship rocket take off on its first flight soon. CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company was preparing to attempt the first-ever orbital test flight of the two-stage reusable system as early as late October, but with a November launch it was “likely”. musk subscriber “We’ll have two boosters … Read more

Will Rockstar Hack Delay Grand Theft Auto 6?

picture: Luca Lorenzelli (stock struggle) What, if any, impact will the severe hack earlier this week have on Rockstar Games’ business? Game publisher Systems have been hacked Just days ago, what some call the biggest breakthrough of its kind in recent memory. Known for popular perks like Red Death The grand theft autoRockstar said it … Read more

Samsung’s rugged new tablet and smartphone look great for hiking

Samsung’s latest rugged tablet has a removable battery and S Pen capabilities. picture: Samsung Samsung’s latest devices for the US market are a pair of powerful devices built for outing or functionality that will put them on in harm’s way. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro tablet and Galaxy XCover6 Pro smartphone feature military-grade device … Read more

Grandmaster Carlsen breaks silence over chess cheating disaster

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen continues to make deceptive statements to suggest that rival Hans Niemann is cheating in his games.picture: Arun Senkar / AFP (Getty Images) The ongoing chess cheating scandal is not going to end, and it’s starting to look as if the rest of us are just pawns being moved from one charge to … Read more

Twitch limits earnings of top creators, blocks some gambling sites

Previous reports indicated that major offshore crypto casinos have been promoted on several Twitch streams, but the platform’s gambling issues seem to run deeper than that. picture: sarco (stock struggle) Twitch is making major changes to its platform. The streaming platform has moved to confront offshore gambling companies from robbing Twitch users, but around the … Read more