At least 125 killed in Indonesian soccer match as police tear gas causes chaos and tramples – National

Panic and chaos flee to exits after police fired tear gas at an Indonesian football A match to banish fans angry at their team’s loss left at least 125 people dead, most of them run over or suffocated, making it one of the world’s deadliest sporting events. Attention immediately focused on the police’s use of … Read more

Dozens killed in stampede at Indonesia soccer match | News

development storydevelopment story, Police fired tear gas after fans stormed a stadium in East Java, triggering a stampede that killed more than 100 people. Indonesian police said at least 129 people were killed and dozens injured after a crowd crushed during a riot at a soccer match in East Java province. Police said in a … Read more

Vancouver Formula E race organizers canceled in $3.3 million ticket refund lawsuit – BC

The ticket firm is suing organizers of the canceled Formula E electric car race originally scheduled in Vancouver for more than $3.3 million. One Stop Strategy (OSS) group sold an estimated 30,000 tickets to Canada’s E-Fest on July 2, when it suddenly announced that the event had been “postponed” in April. Read more: Vancouver E-Fest … Read more

Chess fans think the big scandal is causing more cheating online

picture: Dean of Mouhtaropoulos (Getty Images) Remember the anal pill cheat controversy? As much as I’d like to forget, it turns out a lot of people still think about it. Some chess players have reported an increase in computer-assisted cheating Games since the outbreak of the Hans Niemann story. One player dubbed the recent … Read more

PGA Tour collides with LIV Golf in an antitrust battle

Signs are placed at the LIV Golf Championship on Thursday, September 15, 2022, at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, Illinois. Brian Casella | Tribune News Service | Getty Images The PGA Tour filed a countersuit against LIV Golf late Wednesday, alleging that the Saudi Arabia-backed junior league is guilty of anti-competitive practices. The suit … Read more

Vandals destroy all-new South Surrey stadiums days after they opened – BC

pickle ball players in south sariBC, weeps after vandals damaged a new court just days after it opened. The city officially opened the new entertainment space at Crescent Park on September 15, and SARY RCMP Less than three days later – the night of September 17 – vandals stormed, he said. Damage includes a hole … Read more

Toronto would be suitable for Aaron Judge to equalize and break the record

TORONTO – The Yankees didn’t clinch the Eastern Conference on Monday night, and who cares? The Division II crown in the past 10 years is a matter of time, not if, and the smart money says they’ll be celebrating on the Blue Jays sometime over the next couple of days. As always, the Yankees will … Read more

Chess Champion Breaks Silence on Cheating Gate “Anal Bead”

picture: Arun Sankar (Getty Images) Almost a month after Anal pill memes and chess dramaWorld Champion Magnus Carlsen has finally opened up about his stunning defeat to 19-year-old head coach Hans Niemann and his shocking stunts that followed. Long story short: Niemann is believed to be a cheater, both on the board and online, and … Read more

New transcripts reveal Brett Favre ‘paid for money despite potential welfare fund abuse’

Brett Favre was insatiable in his desire for financial assistance to acquire new University of Southern Mississippi sports facilities despite the potential for state welfare abuse, according to a report. Favre allegedly lobbied state officials to help him build a new volleyball complex according to the latest court filing related to the Mississippi welfare scandal, … Read more

Magnus Carlsen: FIDE reprimands ex-world champion for leaving match after one move but ‘shares his deep concerns’ about chess cheating

Union said in a statement Released on Friday. “The world champion has a moral responsibility attached to his standing, as he is seen as a global ambassador for the game. His actions affect the reputation of his teammates, sporting results, and ultimately can damage our game.” The two players were participating in the Julius Baer … Read more